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Credit to Mar:

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Mar Leni laban sign in Capiz 020916

This Fight for Mar is a grassroots movement built by volunteers.

We want to help the man. We know what he’s actually done. We know that the black propaganda machine has reared its ugly head. And we know we can slay it by simply telling the truth.

We want to help the administration. Since 2010, lives have been changed for the better. Programs have been institutionalized. Corruption is being curbed. Have all our problems disappeared overnight? No. It’s a work in progress. But finally, after such a long time waiting, our government is beginning to act like one. It is a good beginning.


This website is built by volunteers with no official relation to President Aquino, the Roxas-Robredo teams, or the Liberal Party of the Philippines. We’ll slowly populate the site based on research and the availability of our writers. We welcome corrections and suggestions. If you’d like to help us, please send us a message at fightformar (at) gmail (dot) com.

42 thoughts on “About”

  1. From PhilStar. On father in law :
    Rep. Jose Mari Gonzales ikinahihiya ng anak
    Updated December 9, 2000 – 12:00am
    0 0 googleplus0 0
    Ikinakahiya umano ng dating movie actress na si Cristina “Kring-Kring” Gonzales ang kontrobersyal na pananampal ng ama niyang si San Juan Congressman Jose Mari Gonzales kay House of Representatives Sergeant-at-Arms Bayani Favic.

    Sa paglulunsad kamakalawa ng gabi ng grupong 3rd Force na kinabibilangan ni Leyte Rep. Alfred Romualdez, sinabi ng asawa nitong si Kring-Kring na nalagay sa kahihiyan ang kanilang pamilya mula nang maganap ang naturang insidente.

    Pero sinabi ni Kring-Kring na naniniwala siyang malulutas din ang problema na pinasok ng kanyang ama.

    Humingi ng pang-unawa ang dating aktres sa mamamahayag na sana maintindihan ang sitwasyon ng kanyang ama dahil hindi nito napigilan ang sarili dahil sa init ng ulo.

    Magugunitang, matapos pagtibayin ng noo’y Speaker ng House na si Manuel Villar ang articles of impeachment laban kay Pangulong Joseph Estrada, sinampal ni Gonzales si Favic dahil hindi umano nito napigilan ang paghihiyawan at ingay ng mga tao na nasa gallery ng session hall. (Ulat ni Malou Rongalerios)

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  2. I support your initiative as I have personally been researching the fact behind every false report against Mar Roxas and the adminstration since 2010. The best way to stop the black propaganda is to expose it. Allow me to demonstrate my support by sharing through the comments section any salient facts which may not be included in your factcheck. Thank you.


      1. Hey there! I’ve been reading through your links for 2 hours now. These all seemed to have made me feel jaded. I just don’t know what to believe now. I do need help in researching on these issues:

        If you could “debunk” these, then, maybe, I’d switch to Roxas. Or maybe I could just simply not vote coz it may all just be useless.


  3. I wish this blog was written and spread a year ago because I’m afraid that the black propaganda against Mar has done a lot of damage to his image. But still, I pray that it’s not too late yet. Let us fight for Mar!

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  4. Of course Mar needs publicity. He needs to get his word out. I’m glad this is being done – finally! What Mar needed is strategists like what Binay’s team has and PR people as the guy is lacking in charisma, being a technocrat.


  5. Could you also do a piece on what happened to the license plates and stickers? And the reasons why so many politicians are going after Abaya? As I understand it, Abaya has refused pressure from powerful interests to award lucrative contracts to favored parties. Thanks! Ituloy ang Laban para sa Disenteng Pilipino! Go RORO!

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  6. I am for Sec/Sen Mar since PNOY’s candidacy -and I understand his sacrifice then -and then his sacrifice during his term at DILG. I am appalled that they heap abuses at hime inspite of the good things he has done -as well of his wife Korina. I will monitor this page for updates always . I will also pray for him so that he will meet the Lord Jesus in an encounter before this campaign period ends …


  7. i’ve decided to vote RORO a long time ago (perhaps mid-2015) & will do so, and many of my friends & acquaintances are convinced mar would be the best choice. however, they dread the prospect of korina as first lady & for that reason will not vote for mar. i believe many potential mar votes may be lost for this reason.

    what to do? perhaps, korina can be persuaded to make a public written assurance?

    more power to your movement!


    1. I am a Yolanda survivor and have seen Mar Roxas in Tacloban…not anyone has the right to blame him for whatever actions or inactions…he did exactly what he was supposed to do and did what he was capable of doing. Better off with Mar than anyone else. Or can you imagine Duterte managing post Yolanda?


    1. Hi Matec. Please see some related articles here:

      1. The MRT Sobrepeña Story – https://fightformar.wordpress.com/2016/03/23/corruption-in-mrt-sobrepenas/

      2. The Controversy with the Beep Card – https://fightformar.wordpress.com/2016/03/22/beep-card/

      3. And Countering Tiglao’s Vitangcol Story – https://fightformar.wordpress.com/2016/03/24/the-mrt-vitangcol-story/

      Bobby Tiglao has very nice things to say about Gloria Arroyo. He was, and continues to be, her spin doctor. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of him.


  8. just informing you guys know of another Duterte support hoax the allege expose of a certain RACHEL AMESTOSO in forcing goverment employee to vote for mar against their will.. The fanpage of certain JAMES PARMIS posted on social media then the said account of AMESTOSO was deleted few minutes after posting her open letter due death threats from Mar Roxas camp.. link trending.ph/…/open-letter-to-mar-roxas-mar-please-stop-by-rachel-amest

    Kindly invistigate this kind of black props…

    Thank you..


  9. I’m for RORO. My family are doing our best to explain why they have to vote for them. Every time I ride a taxi trycycle, bus, anybdy I meet in the streets I always start a conversation and explain the negative comments about mar. In this way I can convince them to VOTE for them. That’s my simple way of helping .


  10. Could you please do a piece on Mar’s supposed investments on mining companies and how this would not be a problem if elected president? Thanks.


  11. You need to create a facebook version for all your notes and posts. This is because lots of people rely only on free facebook.

    Also Instant Article feature is now open for everyone.
    Consider creating a Facebook Instant Article for all your notes.



  12. Hi. For now I’m supporting RoRo, but I just wanted to know what Mar’s biggest achievements were in his 3 years as DILG secretary? thanks!


  13. Hello, this is a great blog! I had some who does not support Mar that the 4Ps had always been there before and will be there even after Mar since such programs are already a nature to a government. What can we say about this?


    1. Hello, this was the response of Cong. Barry Gutierrez, spokesperson of the coalition:

      “Mar worked to increase the credibility of the preneed industry. Mar put a stop to the practice of some big companies of offering lavish, unrealistic returns to encourage more people to invest. That was a pyramiding scam which Mar fought. Had he not done that, the number of victims would have been more than 500,000. And you can see the credibility of Mr. Yasay from the misinformation he spreads—as SEC chair, he resigned in the face of accusations of usurpation and misrepresentation of authority. He knows that the DTI has no power over SEC—he had a fixed term and reported to the Department of Finance. In 1998, Mar could not have been an official of AIG as he was already in DTI, and was in Congress before that. In both positions, he is not allowed to receive a salary from private concerns, and we can prove through the waiver we signed, that there was no conflict of interest for Mar. We protest this shoddy attempt at rewriting history solely to throw dirt at Mar.”

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      1. Good response -and the Mayor will placed that Yasay on his cabinet … makes us wary of their business priorities and entanglements


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