Duterte’s Misplaced Anger

What is Mayor Duterte’s relationship with Mar Roxas?

In DZMM TeleRadyo interview, Duterte said:

“I may not campaign against Mar, but I may not campaign for him…magkaibigan kami”

When Mar visited Duterte in Davao, the mayor highlighted that:

“Of all the candidates, Mar is the closest to me”

Why is Mayor Duterte mad?

  • Duterte blames Mar and the Liberal Party for spreading rumors.
  • The rumors allege that the Mayor has throat cancer.
  • The rumor originated from a Facebook post of Philip Lustre, Jr.
  • Duterte believes that Mr. Lustre is under Mar’s payroll.

Why Mayor Duterte is wrong.

Philip Lustre, Jr., a veteran journalist, has categorically denied being employed by the Roxas camp:

Mukhang gigil na gigil sa akin [si Duterte]. x x x [He] has issued today a statement accusing me of being a lackey of Mar Roxas, his PR man. Of course, that is not true. Roxas has his stable of PR guys; he does not need me. There are better guys, who could do the job. The spin is obvious. Because I am such a small fry, I must be working for somebody, who is big and powerful. Last Saturday, [Duterte’s] spokesman accused me of working for Vice President Jejomar Binay. So, I am working for two presidential timbers! Eh di, wow!

Friends of Lustre have rallied behind the journalist, to wit:

I just want to convey the message to Duterte and to all his supporters that I know one of the reliable sources of Sir Philip Lustre about Duterte’s throat cancer. And definitely, it is NOT Roxas. – Virginia Omoso Guazon

Duterte and his people mention Philip Lustre Jr. by name as a PR man of Mar Roxas but I will bust my gut and bet my balls that he is not — and won’t be — because he is an intelligent, admired and respected journalist. I am honored because Philip considers me a friend and I, like many other friends, would not want him in harm’s way. – Alex Allan, a harsh critic of Mar.

The Liberal Party itself has vehemently denied the accusation:

“It’s out of character for Sec Mar to spread stories like these, especially about someone who has long been his friend. If we recall, his father and brother were victims of cancer, that’s why this issue is sensitive for him.”

Mar sought to clarify the issue on both Facebook and Twitter:

My family suffered through two tragedies due to cancer. I will never wish it be visited on any one, much more so to Mayor Digong Duterte who I regard as my friend. Nor will I ever engage in smear campaign against any one. I have always subscribed to the principle that how you campaign is how you will govern. Ang pinaglalaban natin dito ay ang pagpapatuloy at palalawakin ang Daang Matuwid, hindi ang paglibak sa mga katunggali.


One thought on “Duterte’s Misplaced Anger”

  1. It’s too late. Your spins haven’t worked for Mar. He’s a well educated, articulate, and competent man but those qualities are working against him. The masa are just out to prove that he can’t have everything. It doesn’t help that his recent persona of a tough talking i-mean-business kind of guy goes against his old clean shaven and soft spoken Mr. Palengke image. The shift communicated that there is a dark side to the man and a dark alley in Daang Matuwid, therefore showing a lack of integrity. He should have taken the high road from Binay and Duterte’s tirades. With about 50 days to go, it may be a lost cause.


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