Netizens who Bully instead of Help

Senator Sonny Angara is not a member of the Liberal Party. But he lauded relief efforts spearheaded by Mar and Leni alongside other groups and donors. A native of Aurora province, the incumbent senator himself went back to his home to help. And for his giving thanks, he was bashed by unreasonable netizens who saw “epal” instead of empathy.

Sonny’s original tweets were indicative of gratitude:

Thanks to Sec @MARoxas Rep @lenirobredo , rep Kit Belmonte, @gangbadoy n @rockedradio for going to Aurora n sending needed relief goods

Thanks too various individuals and groups who also sent help like @DickGordonDG n @philredcross n their donors

Thank u @gangbadoy @aizaseguerra for caring n helping Aurorans hit by #LandoPH 🙏🙏 👏👏👏

Thanks to @dswdserves n @DILG sec @dinkysunflower @SecMelSarmiento for the goods sent to northern Aurora today #hardesthit

Although many retweeted and “favorited” these missives, the following netizens decided that “help” was unwarranted, that Mar only dropped in by helicopter but without relief goods.

@pr1mogeniture: 45mins andun na siya yet he didnt bring any. Ano ba yun 3-5sacks of goods/chopper? You dont show up & comfort a hungry man w/o giving anything. Isa lang gumagawa niyan – politiko.

@ChiliMedley: THREE helicopters, NO relief goods?!? Sayang ang fuel/biyahe! Daming nangangailangan ng agarang tulong. Tapos gagastos para magpapicture??

The good senator had the good grace to reply to the insinuations:

Relief goods sent ahead by truck. U can’t carry a lot of goods in a chopper

x x x No goods on choppers but goods trucked to Aurora and nueva Ecija

When a critic asked “Why Mar? What was his role? Why him?” The senator simply replied:

He got the goods n the transpo to get to the ppol in need

The senator appeared to be weary of the negative criticism:

Tired of Philippine politics being a race to the bottom, wala tayong mapapala dyan. Choose 2make it a race 2the top. Pagalingan Dapat; The real Epals are those who spread misinformation about those helping but do nothing when there are people who need to be helped; .@ChiliMedley @TVPatroll @TheChiefJester @teddyboylocsin a lot of people and groups have been donating goods. Baka gusto mong tumulong?
Sonny Angara expresses his opinion on the issue of those who are epal during calamities and those who actually help.

More reasonable netizens took up the cudgels for the senator, defending his views to wit:

@Tikoymanstur: wag mo na pansinin ang gustong manatiling mangmang o hilaw sa kamalayan ng pagsilbi sa bayan. Padayon lang senator.

@jarveyspecter: Ms. Michel [referring to @ChiliMedley:], instead of throwing out issues, ask yourself what u can do to help.

@JayCorral: you got it right sen..high five!!!….to them walang ginawang tama ang gobyerno…

@okKaKokey: paging Bayan Muna and Bayan. You always see them on TV whining about everything. Have they done anything?

@goelpidio: on point senator! All the help that can be given should be appreciated and shd not be tainted w/ malice. #LandoPH

@lykavilla: Sana, tumulong na lang sila kesa mag-bash sa twitter.

@nickdechaves: trolls yan sen. Sadly both sides hav trolls. Very toxic ang socmed.

@KatOhnemus: They have a negative answer for every response you gave. As Maya Angelou said “We are only as blind as we want to be.”


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