Overpriced Patrol Jeeps

For the first time in decades, 4×4 fully-equipped patrol jeeps – for peace & order as well as disaster management – were made a priority by the national government.

Casting aside patronage politics, Mar made sure that these patrol jeeps were given to all municipalities regardless of political affiliation. It did not matter if you were a member of the Vice President’s political party or a municipality which did not make the President or Mar win during the 2010 elections.

To quote Mar:

Sa pamamahagi po ng police patrol jeep, wala po tayong pinipili. Hindi ko po tinatanong ang partido, o kung sino ang mayor. Ang basehan po natin ay ang pangangailangan ng mga bayan para naman masiguro ang progreso ng mga probinsya.

A meme circulated on Facebook, alongside various newspaper columns (e.g. Philstar), claimed that Mar Roxas, then DILG Secretary, made money out of the procurement of “overpriced” patrol jeeps. Let’s first forget that portion above regarding genuine public service. Instead let us focus on the wanton allegations that:

That the alleged actual price of each jeep is P0.6M. 

That the PNP, under Mar, allegedly acquired each for P1.9M.

That each jeep was allegedly overpriced by P1.3M.

That allegedly there were 1000 jeeps purchased.

That Mar allegedly gained P1.3B from the transaction.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

The actual facts are simple and easily verified:

There were 1,470 jeeps purchased.

The average price per jeep, as modified to suit police / emergency operations, was around P0.9M.

Instead of the claimed overpricing, there was actually savings done! The government saved over P93M from the transaction.

A meme was made by a volunteer site to highlight this to wit:


Note that when Mar was confronted with the issue, he immediately welcomed any probe on the matter. No probe materialized because there was nothing to probe.

James Deakin, known critic of anything related to transportation, had this say about the issue after he broke down the costs of the patrol jeeps:

[On] the surface, [the patrol jeeps do] seem outrageously overpriced. Especially when judging from a grainy photo or meme that just shows the noses of all the cars. But after seeing the breakdown, and considering all the PNP requirements, cost of money etc, personally, it seems to me that while the PNP may not have gotten the deal of the century, it is not entirely unjustifiable.

In other words, the amounts are justifiable.

The government, showcasing its own answers, has produced its own Q&A for easy reference.

8 thoughts on “Overpriced Patrol Jeeps”

  1. That the units were overpriced needs documentary proof or else the allegation is rubbish. Take the case of our Plaridel Mis. Occ Kauswagan(Barra) Bridge as one good example among others. . . The approved budget was P150m. The LGU got a contract for only P135m or a savings of P15m to the govt for other project. zeal of good governance (transparency) was awarded to our local govt of Mayor Jigsty.

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  2. Funny how trolls are reacting to this. Some non-issues being made as an issue
    – toyota FJ cruiser is cheaper – duh. This is not custom made and is tax exempted by JPEPA

    – trolls comparing the purchase price to surplus or 2nd hand cars – Duh. Duh. Stupid trolls cant even do basic comparing


    1. Hi John,

      There are two separate contracts involved:

      The first is the Autocirculo contract. This one involves the 4×4 patrol jeeps.

      The second is the Mahindras contract. This one involves the 4×2 patrol jeeps.

      Two different contracts and specs.


      1. We apologize for the confusion –

        The contract with Autocirculo Corporation handled the 210 orders of 4×4 patrol jeeps

        The contract with Mahindras handled the orders of the 4×2 patrol jeeps


  3. i understand there was only one bidder for the 4×4 jeeps and DILG still managed to save huge amount from the allotted budget. this simply shows how Mar as DILG chief valued our government funds. there were only 210 4×4 jeeps purchased to prioritize those municipalities needing it, some received 4×2 jeeps only. do you think it would be best to say that “most” of the municipalities (nationwide) received it instead of saying “all” of the municipalities? according to PSA, there are 1489 municipalities as of 31-Mar-2016. 1470 < 1489. Do you have the contract details with Mahindras for the 4×2 jeeps? Also may I ask if those jeeps are bullet-proof and do they have front cameras too? this is to protect our policemen also.


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