Stories Behind the Memes

Mar is frequently depicted in negative memes because of one reason: no other substantial issues can be raised against him.

Quite simply:

  1. He has no issues of corruption.
  2. He has proven his competence in various government offices.
  3. He has fought private interest groups to protect public interests.

So if the worst that naysayers can do to malign his image are malicious photos devoid of substance, then he fares better than all the other presidential candidates who suffer from grave issues.

Carlos Celdran, a supporter of Mar, has his own summary of memes that can be viewed here?:

Boy Semplang

Mar Roxas motorcycle fall

Typhoon Ruby was one of the stronger typhoons to hit the Philippines in 2014.

Forecasters originally predicted it would make landfall in Borongan, Eastern Samar. The Cabinet Secretaries and national goverment operations were thus centralized in this area. Unfortunately, the typhoon veered and made landfall in Dolores town instead. Dolores is 65 kilometers away from Borongan.

It became imperative for the government to reach Dolores as soon as possible. However, there was no way for cars and trucks to pass through the roads. Trees had fallen and the road to Dolores was filled with debris. In the middle of one roadblock, Mar decided to get off the road and borrow a motorcycle from the nearest resident. There was no helmet available. Despite the road being slippery, Mar trudged on. And though he fell at one point, he got back up and carried on his task. The national government reached Dolores in record time despite the obstacles.

The personal account of Congressman Kit Belmonte, a member of the Congressional Oversight Committee of the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (PDRRM) Act of 2010, is illuminating:

Speaking of that motorcycle ride, there were two cabinet secretaries, two congressmen, and two generals making those last 20 hectic kilometers from the stalled convoy to Dolores in the tail of the storm, and approaching twilight in borrowed motorbikes. Among ourselves, we had several combat veterans, several experienced motorcycle riders, and a couple of iron-man finishers. And let me tell you that most of us would have quit to wait for the rest of the convoy if not for Sec Mar leading the way.

There was a whole off-road stretch of at least fifty meters of mud capped by an eerie cemetery that made every one’s knees tremble (from fatigue or fear, I don’t know). Of course, we all fell, slipped, and slid in the sometimes knee-deep mud and fallen trees. But it was only Sec. Mar’s picture that was published, out of context, by someone who waited for him from the relative safety of the road.

But it was all worth it when we saw the gratitude and relief in the eyes of the people of Dolores when we finally broke through. They were no longer isolated, they had not been left alone, and their national government was with them. Together, they were going to get through this crisis and rebuild.

In the end, the United States had nothing but praise for the government efforts post-Ruby.

Boy Tasa


Mar is photographed using a mug for food. Laswa is usually eaten as soup just like dinengdeng. In Iloilo, it’s typically served with rice. Since there was no bowl in the station, Aksyon Radyo Iloilo provided him a mug. Mar simply used what was available and served himself.

Boy Gripo

mar roxas gripo

As DILG Secretary, Mar helped initiate the Salintubig program.

455 municipalities nationwide have been identified by NAPC (National Anti-Poverty Commission) as waterless areas that are having households with access to safe water of less 50% only.

As a result, diarrhea and other waterborne diseases still rank among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the Philippines. The incidence rate for these diseases is high as 1,997 per 100,000 population while mortality rate is 6.7 per 100,000 populations.

The Sagana at Ligtas na Tubig sa Lahat Program (SALINTUBIG) is one of the government’s main actions in addressing the plight of Filipino households in such areas.

Mar has visited locations where the Salintubig program was implemented. And in one photo he’s seen drinking water from a faucet with his hands. But this photo was maliciously edited to compliment the Boy Tasa meme. Instead of drinking from his hands, a plate is “photoshopped” into the image as if he were drinking from plate.


Boy Traffic Enforcer


During the 2009 State of the Nation Address by President Gloria Macapal Arroyo, the police officers assigned in the Commonwealth intersection were not doing a good job of making traffic move. In the middle of the rain, Mar decided to do it himself.

Hindi naman pagpapapogi ang lumabas sa sasakyan upang tumulong ayusin ang traffic given na walang traffic enforcer na present sa area. Bumaba si Mar upang makausad ang mga sasakyan sa daan. Hindi niya na hinintay na mas maging malubha ang traffic situation sa lugar.

Nakakita siya ng problema, binigyan niya ng solusyon on the spot. May buhol sa daan at maraming naabala, ang ginawa ni Mar ay paspasang naibsan ang problema.

28 thoughts on “Stories Behind the Memes”

  1. Thanks for all these detailed information, we can use this to fight the black propaganda against Mar.
    If only each picture will have the caption, so that, when one shares the pic, the caption is there!


  2. I am so glad that this material reached my FB wall, I know more of Mar Roxas. He is indeed very lovable. If only I have regained my right, I could vote for him. Instead, I will pray that the majority of the Filipinos will give him the presidency.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. That’s why I’m praying that Sec Mar wins the presidency. He is a silent worker, a decent man, very sincere. Let us unite to vote for him for the sake of our beloved Philippines. Let’s not compromise our future.


  4. mar roxas is a simple man …and therefore he does simple things…nothing complicated…just everyday things….that is his level…his comfort zone …his personality is that of the odd man out…even in a barkada…he would wind up always at the brunt of each joke… it is easy to like him for he is a simple man…. and simple men don’t become POTP…


  5. dumami expert sa history & the worst is they twisted it to their own gain ever since napabagsak ang Diktaduryang Marcos as well as their cronies na namamayagpag pa hanggang ngayon. ano nga ba ang ma-aasahan mo sa ating Inang Bayan na nilimas ang kabang yaman at lubog sa utang magpa-hanggang ngayon kundi pg-agaw agawan at isanla ang mga natititira pang resources ?

    hindi tayo maka-angat dahil dyan at sa mga palalo, sa mga OFWs na walang time to research the legit website kung ano ang true story, sa mga vulnerable na millenials & the entire mamamayang botante na naniniwala agad na sa halip na maging solusyon ay sya pang nagiging problema nang dahil sa black-propaganda against Mar.

    salamat naman at meron website na ganito na harinawa’y makapag-bigay liwanag sa mga naguguluhan at madaling ma-sway ng mga nangag-kalat na kurap, mandarambong, mapag-samantalang kandidato ngayong eleksyon.

    op kors MAR-LENI po tayo para sa kaayusan ng aking INANG BAYAN Pilipinas.

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  6. Salintubig is a great help to the people in remote areas just like in Regador, Ibajay, Aklan, a mountanous area where our relatives enjoy drinking water thru this project.


  7. What about the memes about Yolanda? The “You are a Romualdez and the president is an Aquino/bahala kayo sa buhay niyo?” smh


    1. They are all edited videos of what really happened. I’ve watched the whole 45 mins video and i can’t believe some people did that to Mar despite his big effort in Tacloban.


    2. May lumabas na pong sagot about dyn kung ano talaga totoong nangyari at buong video. Ang mahirap po kasi, hindi po kompleto ung video na kumalat noon kya po marami nagalit saknya. Pero ngaun po ay umamin na si G. Romualdez na tlgang ginawa ni Mar lahat para mkatulong at kadabay din po nito lumabas ang tunay n sinabi ni Mr. Roxas. Salamat po


    3. Watch the video in youtube.. full video po. The video you watched was probably spliced. In the full video (parang gma coverage ata yun), romualdez refuses to sign wherein he is allowing the natl govt to intervene in the recuperation of Tacloban. Law states kasi na local govt tlga yung dapat na reresponde. It requires a letter or something of that form na inaallow ng yun ng mayor. Iniiwasan lng nina pnoy na mateknikal… they must follow certain rules. Eh ayaw ni romualdez, mar being human, and wanting to help pro di nya maintindihan kung bkt ayaw ni romualdez. He was thinking siguro na kaya ayaw ni romualdez bcoz of the marcos vs aquino rivalry (?). Romualdez are relatives of Marcos kasi. That’s why Mar was able to say that. But as you know,, naayos nmn nila, Mar was there firsthand and til the end. Romualdez even admitted that Mar did his job well


  8. Defining moment ni Mar ang Yolanda and alam nating lahat na alam ng mga galit sa kanya na he really shone through this. Kaya ito lagi ang pinupukol nila. Well, fact is fact. Hero or not, Mar Roxas did the best he could. Heck, trabaho ni mayor siya gumawa!


  9. eh yung sibuyas, bigas, humiga sa ice and happy anniversary greetings ng zamboanga insensitive na minsan may epal move pa tsk tsk. Pero capable at qualified image problem lang talaga


  10. The explanation in the said video is quite acceptable. On the other hand, please do explain what happened in the video link below wherein Mar said “Bahala kayo sa buhay nyo to the Taclobanos”.

    In addition, please enlightened us also on the following issue:

    If someone can explain the above issues properly then maybe just maybe we will listen to the voice of Mar.


  11. Mar is a victim of malicious and seditious politicians . They thrived on our weak democratic processes that rape the consciousness of the people who abandoned the habit of analysis .


  12. Reached my feed too late. It would have been nice if the Filipino people could open their eyes at an unbiased state.
    Some may not believe this article, but it is good to know other point of views here.


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