Teka-Teka Daw?

AS DOTC Secretary, critics have said that Mar was slow in making decisions.

The public should bear in mind that:

Mar was DOTC Secretary for only 13 months!

The Aquino administration inherited a very large number of projects that were being criticized for poor quality under the Arroyo administration.

While DOTC Secretary, Roxas and his team had to verify that the projects were flawless before they could float them for international bidding.

Without verification, the government risked legal impediments, longer implementation delays and huge litigation costs.

Despite his achievements in such a short time, he is, to date, blamed for traffic and the MRT as if these complicated issues can be solved in such a short time.

It is absolutely preposterous to suggest that Mar is indecisive and incompetent.

Teka-teka ba ang Air Passenger Bill of Rights kung saan kinalaban niya ang mga airlines?

Teka-teka ba ang batas kung saan meron na tayong murang gamot after kinalaban niya ang pharmaceuticals industry?

Incompetency ba na 744 out of 946 people ng PNP most-wanted list ay nadakip na?

Incompetency ba ang pagbili ng 1,490 patrol jeeps para sa lahat ng mga municipalidad?

Incompetency ba ang pagbili ng mga bagong high-end trak ng bumbero?

Incompetency ba ang Oplan Lambat Sibat that has brought down the crime in NCR?

Incompetency ba ang BPO industry that has spawned more than a million jobs?

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