The Mayors Romualdez

During the storm, the Mayor was in his beach house. After the storm, he was seen wandering the streets until he was picked and rescued by staff members of Secretaries Gazmin and Roxas. It was Mar, not Mayor Romualdez, who had set up the command center with what little resources he had at the time.


The Mayor would later recount that the warnings were not adequately given to his constituents. He did not know what a storm surge was to begin with. He blamed PAGASA for not informing him about storm surges. In contrast, the other mayors in Leyte were able to save lives because they took pains to learn about the coming storm.

Alfred Romualdez’s wife is former actress, now aspiring mayor, Cristina “Kring Kring” Gonzales-Romualdez. She had an interview with Rappler wherein her views on the storm were documented.

She had to this to say about her husband for staying in Tacloban:

“He could’ve just turned his back and said you know, I’m done with this. x x x He didn’t have to stay here in [Tacloban] and continue but he sacrificed his days and his time and all his efforts being here, staying here.”

When she was asked, “do you feel that the political controversy after Yolanda between the national government and the local government may have gotten in the way of more efficient service?” Her answer:

“I can’t answer that.”

In contrast, Councilor Neil Glova (a declared supporter of Grace Poe for the 2016 elections) had this to say

Imbis na makipagtulungan, makipagugnayan, batikos ng batikos ang aming [mayor] sa national government. x x x Kung humihingi ka ng tulong, diba normal lang na makiusap ka?

Mayor Romualdez has since apologized for his behavior. Despite the Mayor’s malicious pronouncements, the DILG, under Mar, still funded Tacloban City’s rehabilitation efforts.


The Mayor has not done a good job managing post-disaster rehabilitation efforts. According to Ping Lacson, then designated as OPARR chief, he even refused aid despite Lacson bending over backwards to give it to him upon Alfred’s initial request:

I’d like to share with you my sentiments about Tacloban City x x x

I’m wondering why in the nearby municipalities, there are no issues involved. But in Tacloban, we are facing so many challenges.

A handshake that is half-meant can reach but halfway. We want to extend again our handshake to the mayor here, but if he refuses to meet the handshake then we are only good halfway

Ang sinasabi ko kay (What I tell) Mayor Romualdez, it’s about time we work together because we are not thinking or ourselves here. We are thinking of the survivors x x

When I came back to him and told him of the good news [of receiving funds], it did not sound like good news to him.

I could not find an explanation why because he sounded so frantic.

Lacson said they discovered traces of Tacloban City Hall’s involvement in the anti-government protests held there during the first anniversary of Yolanda’s devastation on November 8. The OPARR chief claimed that the protesters were carried by trucks from the property of Romualdez:

We will continue to extend our hand of cooperation to the mayor of Tacloban. We will not give up on Tacloban. Nobody will be left out in these rehabilitation efforts. But the local executives must do their share. When you need assistance for your constituents, you forget about your personal or political agenda.

6 thoughts on “The Mayors Romualdez”

  1. I have been looking for an interview that was done by either 24HOras or Channel 2 with Mayor Romualdez between 2 to 3 weeks after YOlanda struck – where he said – “buti nga sa Tacloban 10,000 lang ang namatay”. Can anyone be able to secure this video and expose the callousness of this man and his family – and then shamelessly shifting blame for his incompetence and now using Yolanda as away to lure voters to their lair.

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  2. First of all, I’m not a an LP supporter. The Romualdez should stop using the Yolanda tragedy as a way to get votes. why? It is their job as an elected public servant. Don’t blame others because of your (mayor romualdez) incompetence, you didn’t even researched and just wait for PAG-ASA to hand spoon the information to you. QUIT being a child and grow up or else get out from being a public servant!

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  3. Personalan ang ginawa ni Romualdez, lahi ng corrupt kasi, ikaw ng pamangkin ni Imelda Marcos. It runs with the blood.He wants the government to be blamed for that so he did not cooperate then but lately he ask for forgiveness but it was too late. He ruined the government and poisoned the mind of the people.

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  4. Romualdez’s wants the government to be blamed for that so he did not cooperate then even if they tried to. He ruined Mar’s reputation and poisoned the mind of the people. Unfortunately, maraming anti Pinoy who are close minded people or not reading the right information or just too unhappy that they can not have KICK BACKS like they used to be. When it comes to money matters it’s sad to think that many of our countrymen are greedy, dishonest, selfish. They aimed for public service for the sake of money but not to serve the public with all honesty. They even killed rivals like the Marcoses have done in the past.

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