Yolanda without the Black Propaganda

Many people fault Mar for the government’s response on Yolanda. The many resources available on the web show a very different picture:

  1. See Timeline, testimonials and news items from the Official Gazette.
  2. How did the Government respond to Yolanda? Official Gazette, April 24, 2014
  3. A series of pictures from Day Zero.
  4. The full unedited transcript of Alfred Romualdez and Mar Roxas from Rappler.
  5. “What really happened between Alfred Romualdez, Mar Roxas and Yolanda?” by Cocoy Dayao
  6. “Roxas ‘vindicated’ by Romualdez sorry? ‘It’s not something I look for'” from Rappler.
  7. Roxas delivers P802M to Yolanda-hit Leyte LGUs, from Rappler.

International experts on disaster management have likewise weighed in.

According to ADB Vice President for East Asia, Southeast and the Pacific Stephen Groff, Nov. 3, 2014:

“We understand there’s a high expectation for recovery but four to five years is the norm. But just the same, progress is being made. There will always be capacity constraints on the part of the government but these are not unique to the Philippines. Even developed countries like Japan still face challenges.”

Despite challenges, rehabilitation efforts in Eastern Visayas were even “moving faster” than what was seen during the earthquake and tsunami that struck Aceh, Indonesia, 10 years ago, x x x

According to Richard Sandison, emergency response manager for Plan International’s Emergency Response Unit, October 17, 2014 –

I’m very confident to say that the pace of recovery here in the Philippines has been a lot faster than in Aceh, and there are various reasons for that. At the end of year one in Aceh, there was still a hundred thousand people living in tents, but here it’s a lot less. Recent estimates indicate there are just about a thousand people still living in tents.

Martin Nesirky, the United Nations Spokesperson for the Secretary-General, November 14, 2013 –

The Philippine authorities have done a tremendous job in extremely difficult circumstances.


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