Air Passenger Bill of Rights

Is this a law? Was this made by Congress? The answer is no.

The Air Passenger Bill of Rights, the brainchild of Secretary Roxas as DOTC Chief, was a joint administrative order of the DTI and the DOTC signed on Dec. 10, 2012. So the next time you get a free meal or get compensated for delayed flights, lost luggage, etc., you can thank Mar.


This was Mar balancing two interests: the rights of airlines to do business on one hand and the right of passengers to be protected. He justified the government’s intervention by saying this:

Let me reiterate to the airline companies that we are not here to ruin their business or cause them to lose money or in any way jeopardize what has been a successful model. But this model cannot be successful at the expense of the rights of the innocent passenger, who is a contractual partner in a contract entered into whenever a ticket is sold. x x x The rights and obligations of both passengers and airlines will be made clear. Finger-pointing over who’s at fault will be minimized.

This was signed in December 2012  and provides for major rights of the passenger with respect to:

  1. Processing and checking in;
  2. Sufficient processing time;
  3. Boarding right;
  4. Compensation and amenities in case of flight cancellation;
  5. Compensation and amenities in case of flight delay;
  6. Compensation for delayed, lost and damaged baggage;
  7. Compensation in case of death or bodily injury; and
  8. Immediate payment of compensation.


3 thoughts on “Air Passenger Bill of Rights”

  1. we never get compensated for delayed flights. Where can I find the law provisions? is there a minimum hours of delay before getting compensated? If this is really a law why don’t to put a big wall post on the Airports, so that many will be informed.


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