The Truth about the Calgary Nurse

This “Calgary Nurse” compared the leadership styles of Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte and former DILG secretary Mar Roxas in the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda. She claims to have personally witnessed the event. This story is full of lies.

The Propaganda

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This “Calgary Nurse” compared the leadership styles of Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte and former DILG secretary Mar Roxas in the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda. She claims to have personally witnessed the event.

In the post’s compelling narrative, the writer relates the following:

Mar Roxas [just] stayed in his tent and just give[s] orders.

He just sit[s] there, eat[s] his delicious meal, go[es] out and act[s] helpful whenever there is media and camera.

I like that old guy [referring to Mayor Duterte], he’s really something. x x x

All of this emanated from a Facebook post of a Duterte fanpage on Facebook (March 13). It was subsequently republished by a person named Jesame Mendosa (March 14) and has since been shared thousands of times. It has now probably reached millions in the realm of social media.

It must be stressed that this story is full of lies.

We say lies because we can show proof that this was written to deceive rather than to inform.

We can start with the most obvious lie.

The Picture

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 7.03.25 PM.png

The author of the Facebook post claimed to be a staff nurse working in Calgary, Canada.

The real photo however belongs to a nurse working in Minot, North Dakota. The screenshot below demonstrates the vileness of Mayor Duterte’s propaganda machine.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 8.52.04 PM.png
Photo from the Dickinson Press Website

We apologize for dragging an innocent bystander to this political battleground. She probably has no inkling that her edited photo is being maliciously used. And the picture was edited, mind you. You can see this by comparing the color of the doors, the lighting and the uniform.

This site was made precisely to fight the trolls with truth. The trolls do not care if they hurt someone, if they destroy lives, so long as they are able to lie effectively. Obviously, as supporters of Mar we choose to act differently. So to Ms. Quinit, if you are reading this, we apologize for posting your photo without your permission. The need for it is urgent.

Mar’s “Tent”

If you think that the picture is all that’s lacking and that the “nurse’s story” still really is true, then allow us to convince you otherwise.

Some of our volunteers were present during and after the storm. Some of them went to look for the Secretary fearing that he was injured or worse. In the morning of Nov. 9, 2013, they found his staff in the headquarters of the PNP. Apparently, right after the storm made landfall, he was already directing the efforts of the national gov’t.

Mar had no tent of his own. He had no room. In fact, his room in the hotel where he staying in was washed away by the storm. If he did not decide to wake up 2 hours before the intended meeting time of the national disaster task force, this would be a very different narrative.

The “tent” belonged to the PNP. It was really just a piece of cloth that the policemen attached to the front entrance of the building for a little bit of shade. And this was the headquarters of the national gov’t relief operations. It was big enough to accommodate one large table and little else.

The funny part is that he was rarely in the tent.

He was surveying the damage, coordinating the national gov’t relief efforts, getting updates from municipal mayors who were in dire need, clearing major roads to enable the bringing in of relief goods, leading teams in body retrieval, and (this last bit will shock you), he was also trying to look for food.

Food, not for himself, but to feed maybe 70 people managing the disaster from PNP headquarters.

Mar’s “Delicious Food”

What the “Calgary nurse” forgot to mention, in her little fairytale of praise for Mayor Duterte, was that there was no food, how much more food that was “delicious.”

Why was food a problem?

Looting had taken place as early as day zero. There was no food being sold anywhere. One of our volunteers described the situation like this:

Two days after the storm, I saw one policeman open up a pack of Skyflakes in the middle of the afternoon. He was chewing it slowly. Some of his fellow policemen saw this and approached him. He ended up dividing one pack of Skyflakes for six men. There was a person wildly chanting “ibuprofen” in the the background. People didn’t care about money. Money wasn’t important. Food was. Food and medicine.

The goods in the city proper’s groceries were no longer edible since the storm surge covered almost two floors. Canned goods were probably the only things that could be salvaged from the sudden flooding. These were being looted wherever you went.

What Mar did, aside from executing his other responsibilities with limited resources, was dispatch a remote team to look for restaurants which still had food stores. He told the team to buy the remaining goods (cooked, uncooked), regardless of how much this would cost, to be paid for from his own pocket. He’s fond of saying “an army marches on its stomach” and he applied these words in the post-apocalyptic world that was downtown Tacloban.

Despite the challenge of looking for food in a place and time where food was more valuable than gold, the dispatched team would eventually find different outlets which still had reserves to sell and/or the willingness to part with the same.  And you can verify this story with the owners of the following local establishments:

  1. Giuseppe’s
  2. Dream Cafe & Bakery
  3. Village Chefs

The owners of Dream Cafe and Village Chefs, knowing that they were contributing to the national government’s relief efforts, gave their food away for free. When the team insisted that they accept a receipt so that Mar could reimburse the cost when things normalized, the owners refused.

So what Mar ate in headquarters during the first few days in the storm’s aftermath was the same food that was served to every single person there. There was no “delicious food”. There was just food. Not just for himself but for everyone working.


There is an orchestrated attempt to destroy Mar’s reputation online by means foul and false. To the millions who have been fooled, we hope that you can stand with us and correct the story with the truth.

Dare to be better than the trolls and their black propaganda this 2016.

To quote the man, “Ibalik natin ang Pilipinas sa Disenteng Pilipino.”


Our story here just got shared by the Facebook page Roxas-Robredo 2016!

We read some of the comments in the shared post and some of them are really good.

  1. Pete Ilagan writes his own personal account of the gov’t coming right away.
  2. Christoper Franco writes about his own analysis of Canadian relief efforts.

117 thoughts on “The Truth about the Calgary Nurse”

      1. Tunay na pagbabago? What kind? The kind that kills anyone right away without due process? You don’t even think about your family. You don’t think about the implications kung si Duterte manalo. E paano kung mapagkamalan magnanakaw isang miyembro ng pamilya mo, ano gagawin mo? Is that the kind of change you want? Pumatay nalang basta-basta?


      2. Ulol sino may sabi walang due process? Mga kurap at drug addict kayo kasi kaya ganyan…. Drugs pa more uubusin kayong lahat kung si duterte na maging president. Bulok yong Mar roxas nyo. Mar roxas protector ng druglord sabihin mo kay roxas isama nya ang pdea para hulihin yong sinabi nya may mga drugs sa davao at makati.. Gonggong… Magsama kayo mga ugok.

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      3. Ang problema, ang baba naman talaga ng rating nya since the beginning of this campaign and even before Duterte officially declared his candidacy. I don’t think Roxas sliding rating is all caused by mere image of Duterte coming into the race nor the making of Duterte’s troll. You have to work hard to lift his already down image, in fact at this point of race, every candidate has to work their ass out! I hope no more dragging and calling names because at the end of the day it is at the mercy of the filipino voters’ final decision.

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      4. @Gomer: anong pinuputok ng butse mo? sa tingin mo kaya walang silbi ang ratings then dapat hindi na ginagamit ng presidente yan in the first place moreso sa mga tatakbong president.


      5. Sa palagay ko ang picture lang ang peke, pero ang incident at ang kwento ng volunteer ay totoo! She may have her own reason why she was afraid to post her own picture…

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      6. Bakit ka pa maghahanap ng striktong lider kung kaya mo maging halimbawa at maging isang taong may disiplina sa sarili? Mainstream politician din naman si Duterte. Ilang taon din po siyang nanilbihan sa parehas na lokal at pang-nasyoanl na pamamaraan. Ano po ba ang nagawa nya bilang isa kasapi ng kungreso, bukod sa pagpapatupad ng representasyon sa mga Lumad? Mabuti ang nagawa nya na iyon, at ito’y hindi maikakaila. Ngunit ano pa ang nagawa nya? Ilan beses din syang inalok na maging isang ehekutibo para mas malaki ang sakop ng responsibilidad AT maipalawak ang impluwensya nya? Kung saan mas madami pa ang kaya nyang gawin ngunit ito’y ilang ulit na tinanggihan? Bakit?

        Siya rin po ay bahagi ng ilang maimpluwensyang pamilya ng pulitiko, kung saan naging gobernador ang kanyang ama, at nabibilang din sya sa pamilya ng mga pulitiko mula sa pamilya ng kanyan ina.


      7. missgaga, when Vladimir Lenin came to power to form what became the Soviet Union, he was backed by the Russian People literally hungry for change, when Hitler came to power he was supported by a people clamoring for change, when Mao Zedong (PRChina) came to power he was supported by a nation desperate for change.

        I get you. Pareho tayo, sawa sa kasalukuyang sitwasyon at mga problema! Gusto natin ng pagbabago!
        Ngunit, sana, wag din tayo magpadalos-dalos sa ating pag-husga kung sino ang tunay na makaka-TULONG pagbigay nito.
        Dahil sa huli tayong lahat pa rin (pag-pinagsama) ang may pinaka-malaking kontribusyon sa pagbabagong hanap natin!
        Yung nag-organize ng site na ito, naniniwala din sa pagbabago, kaya nga ginawa nila ito. dahil ito ang nakita nilang paraan para makatulong – ang pagbibigay liwanag sa katotohanan.
        Kung ayaw mo pa rin kay Mar, o kahit sinong kandidato pagkatapos mong mabasa lahat ng ‘to, karapatan mo yon. Respeto namin yon. Sana din, respetuin mo din ang sinserong effort ng iba.
        Magkakaiba tayo ng paniniwala sa paraan, pero [sana] parehong hinahanggad – ang mas magangang Pilipinas. Sana mas magtulungan tayo kung saan pwede, kesa sa magbangayan.


      8. Strict Kailangan nung mga taong walang disiplina Sa sarili. Change must come from the people. They must be willing and must exercise discipline. The problem w/ the Filipinos is that we want everything fine for us. Pati pag-disiplina Sa sarili, gusto natin iba pa Ang gagawa para Sa atin.

        The Truth hurts, doesn’t it?!


    1. No offense to the supporters of any presidential candidate camp. Every candidate has his or her own political platforms to promise the people of their personal obligations when they are elected into office. There is no need to “highlight the achievements” of each and every candidate. The thing is, let us just wait for all their words and plans to be put into actions and from their evaluate if what they have done is worthy or not. Mr. Roxas may have his own achievements that have helped a lot of people even Mayor Duterte has his own even Sen. Poe may have her own and as well as Sen. Santiago may have hers, too. The truth is everyone is qualified in to run for the presidential office. What every citizen of this country wants is just actions with out boasting. Citizens want a leader who is sincere and is willing to go the extra mile for his/her countrymen. Everyone has his or her own flaws and advantages. Nobody is perfect. There is no such thing as a “perfect candidate” but there is what and who we can call a competent candidate.

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    1. Uy nagsalita. Siguro nga parepareho lang may black propagandas. At isa pa Hindi porket dictator masama. Benevolent dictator si duterte and he is looking for the welfare of the majority, tayo. Have you been to other countries like singapore. Pwede sya mging eye opener mo.

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      1. But SG govt dont resort to senseless killings!3-6months?..You think maaayos nya ang pinas ng ganun kabilis?SG spent more than a decade to achieved what they have now.Filtered dn ang mga news nila,subukan mo murahin or call names ang PM nila kung d ka damputin.The people worked with their govt,unlike dito sa pinas mas ilalatag na bagong proyekto.Reklamo agad tayo!Meron di gusto,magrarally sa edsa.Nagloloko dn po ang mrt nila!Tumitirik dn ng may tao sa loob.How i know?kse i lived there for 10yrs.Try mo punta ng LP pag sunday.Makikita mo ung mga pinoy dun nag iinuman sa labas.Eye opener? just shows na ganun
        ang Sg kse mas disiplinado sila kesa sa atin mga pinoy.


      2. Benevolent? He dosen’t even have the moral acsendancy! Delusional ka naman masyado Cadvin. And NO, Davao City is nothing like Singapore. Sa totoo lang marami naman mayor na mas higit pang napaunlad ang kanilang city or municipality without sacrificing their morality, decency and respect for human rights.

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      3. We Don’t have to compare singapore to our Country , singapore is justlike Makati look at Makati, And tthe big income of it is Shipping, who crosses the Straiit of Singapore, and the are multi culture from Malaysia and China with others from Europe, we always compare our country to others when the big to be blame is our own Leader ,Marcos, he stop market overseas if company don’t have provision on by laws that give marcos 5% of profit, Out company before was surprized when Malacanang don’t allow our product to proceed for Market because of “not passing “the quality. Australia ask how it happened when the product was on stock pile and inspected by the buyer.

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      4. Ang proganda na fake in my opinion gawa ng galit kay Duterte kasi para siraan siya. Pinapalabas na sa kampo niya ang nanira kay Mar pero ang kampo ni Mar gumawa nun. Ang bilis nasa social media tapos agad agad nilabas na fake kc nga sila din ang gumawa.

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      5. This is probably one of the most absurd (and most frequent) argument you will here whenever their attempts at deception are unmasked.



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      1. Respect,Decency & Honesty is the name of the game here,,,If you just talk and talk without sense of value, respect and decency you may end your values to the dogs,,,,this is the laughing factory on its sense,, sometimes does baby talk to kill the monotomy,,,,,but listening itself is redundancy,,,zip,,,zero, nada,,,wala,,, We need an honest to goodness deliberation like that of Mar Roxas,,,,straight talk,,,,straight lines,,,


      2. hhahaha davaoenanglaagan you are saying you are at peace because I recon live in Davao? Davao is 4th in the PNP Crime index list for the past 2016… The top 3 cities are Quezon, Manila and Cebu, but not that big of a margin.. If you rank it via murder you will see that Davao is on top of the list… I live in Mandaue city which is 15th in the list. If you factor in the number of residents you have in your city and my city together with the land area of Davao City and Mandaue City, you will find that you are more likely to be murdered or basically committed a form of indexed crime to than me… There goes your at peace argument…..

        I also do not understand your reasoning about seeing Duterte as a better candidate based from the debates. Comparing Roxas to Duterte in the debates is like comparing night and day. Roxas presents hard, accurate and documented facts and concrete, structured plans for the development of the country should he be elected. Duterte spews hate words, stupid comebacks, irrelevant issues, speculations and a very thin plan for the future. I mean, other than “I will kill the criminals” and “I will bring peace and order in the country within 3-6 months”, he doesn’t have any other plans.

        I don’t know, maybe I was watching the debates on a different channel than what you were watching from. But for me, Roxas wins the debates everytime. And I don’t think that’s going to change on the third time.


      3. Simond ceasar wag ka masyado magmarunong, nagresearch ka ba tlga sa tntwag mo PNP crime index list? Oo nga mataas ang davao pero alam mo ba anu majority ng crimes ang nandun? 60% percent sa tinutukoy mong pnp crime index list ng davao ay mga petty crime o minor lang, tulad ng jaywalking, smoking, etc…. May murder ka pang basehan eh wala ka nmn tlga alam. Kumpara ko cebu ng davao mas peaceful ang davao, nkarating nko ng cebu at nakatungtung n din ako davao… Naranasan n namin mapagtripan ng mga gago dyan sa cebu… Ultimong sa simbahan dyan pag dika bumili ng kandila minumura… Dko naranasan s davao yan.

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    3. Person commenting about SG not resorting to killings. Read about their history first. SG approved of the death penalty to deal with the crime and corruption rampant in their country. Because of discipline, the country became what it is today. And if people actually listened to Duterte. He is against extra-judicial killings. But if the lives of the police or the innocent bystanders are at stake, then the police have the right to defend themselves. I wish people would listen more and read a little less from the gossip columns.

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  2. Pres. MAR and V.pres Leni, i believe in your desires for our country. Now i am the one to pray for your victory! In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen!


  3. Firs and most important question here is.. Were you there in Tacloban and witnessed this personally or you are relying on stories from co LP people’s story?

    if you were not there, then you just wasted a lot of your time(and mine) trying to convince people of what you are saying here.

    To be able to debug and dig into the truth about the “Calgary nurse” post/s, you have to get to the bottom of it, like you should get to the original post and identify of who the original poser is, show it to the public/viewers, get a compelling conversation or better an argumentative exchange of questions with that person or at least try to get in touch with that person to get their “true” side of the story before you can convince people in favor of “your side” of the Tacloban story.

    Also, you have to have the credibility and substantial materials first, to prove that your side story is the one that people should look at as legit and true. otherwise, we both just wasted our time giving Mar Roxas even the benefit of the doubt.

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    1. Yes. We were present, we personally witnessed in Tacloban. As to us having to provide credibility and substantial materials first, sir, we think that this post is sufficient for that purpose. Everything here can be verified. Everything that was posted against us cannot. We believe the burden we carry is simply to tell the truth. And this burden has been discharged. Thank you.


      1. I, myself, do not believe the story of the nurse from Canada. And I am a Duterte supporter. Regarding Mar’s presence during & after Yolanda, rumor had it that Mar was there during the typhoon, but immediately left after a chopper was sent for him. He was supposedly very badly shaken by what happened. That was just a rumor. However, if Mar really stayed during & after the typhoon, he must have very, very poor management skills.

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      2. The problem with rumors sir is that they’re often built upon half-truths.

        If he wasn’t “badly shaken”, he would not be human. No being on earth could stay there, witness the storm’s fury, its destruction, and say they were calm and collected. Mayor Duterte himself could not fathom the destruction and he had come days after the storm.

        “However, if Mar really stayed during & after the typhoon, he must have very, very poor management skills.” – In a city of over 200,000 people, granted just over 20 policemen on day 1, with every survivor seeking aid, in a mob-infested post-apocalyptic environment… we can say with absolute certainty, that he did what he could.


      3. To settle this issue, let the victims of Yolanda have the final say. Sila lang ang makakapaghusga kung alin kina Mar at Digong ang tunay na nagmalasakit at tumulong sa kanila. Hindi tayo na wala doon sa pinangyarihan ng sakuna.

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      4. words wont justify your point in this matter. as i have said in my comment with all due respect, you have to build credibility. documents, pictures, comments and confirmation from other people will give you that. otherwise, this is just an accusation over an accusation. also, you need to get to the origin of the “Calgary Nurse” post. its not enough that you say that its not authentic based on how you view things, you have to have a credible substantial material to prove your side or else, this post is just another blog for attention.

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      5. So you are in tacloban and personally witness also when mar told mayor romualdez that ” you are romualdez and the president is aquino….. so bahala kayo sa buhay nyo”. gawa gawa lang ba rin ito ng mga kalaban ni mar?

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      6. Nakakayakan kami ini kay aadto kami. Kun nadiri ka pagtuod, waray kami mabubuhat. Salamat nala ha pagbasa.


    2. Writer may be right to rebut those malicious lies and to furtther grandstand the ulterior motives of deception, You maybe aware of Duterte lies during the recent debate by telling to Mar, that he was not at the Yolanda location but Mar retorted and insiisted he stayed until normalcy returns as oppossed to what Mar told him a Slap on his face( Duterte) he was indeed at the scene just for photo oppurtunities and left the location, Mar is worthy of Emulation that despite of his familial standing,,,,,,born with a golden platter comingle with the citizens eating with his bare hands,,,,Let us discern and prays fervently this Lenten season for Peace among mankind and nations of the earth,,,God Bless us and our country the Philippines!!!!!


  4. We’ve been through the typhoon Ondoy that flooded parts of MM & Rizal prov in 2009. Although Ondoy is not as strong compared to super typhoon Yolanda, we can feel what the victims had been through. We cant buy food as there was floodwater all over. We didnt know how to start cleaning up the mess although thankfully we still had a house unlike the Yolanda victims.. I salute Mar Roxas for staying there until the situation stabilized. For such a man, who grew up with a silver spoon to experience such calamity yet stayed with the thousands of victims to orchestrate what needed to be done speaks volume of his character. It’s easy to criticize when u just go there to visit (tourist’) or go there as part of a team mandated for specific task like what the nurse did compared to the huge responsibility that was in Mar’s shoulder as the govt representative during that time. He did his best what could be done.. i hope u can also get real stories of volunteers who were there during and in the aftermath of Yolanda just to correct such deceiving story..


      1. do you have any other source for proof other than those that were created by the people of LP? that will make you more credible. but if all your rebuts are coming from just one source and from the other side, then you will just be convincing your believers and not your critics. that will make your effort senseless and your people will end up in defeat.

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    1. We respect your opinions and that article written by this lady. In the first place we should know from who’s camp did this nurse came from and how sincere her intentions was in writing this. Perhaps the real issue of people who cries for change is to point out how the DILG secretary managed stress, crisis and even its aftermath which could even be seen in the Mamasapano incident. We should be taxpayers who could not tolerate ineptitude from our government — whether it be pro or against the administration — and we have to be careful about mudslinging. After all, let us do our assignments in doing thorough research and facts about these candidates, their characters and real track record behind their image and publicity. Let’s discern well and pray for this country.

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  5. There is a GOD…. who can punish liars and lies, the trolls are devils na pinakawalan ni satanas, they have their place and time sa infierno!!


    1. because that video was edited, only that portion goes viral and was shared maliciously .you have not seen the whole video to decipher on the real issues. I am from Leyte and is also a victim of Yolanda. my mother as well worked in Tacloban. not all of whats being shared in the media is true, some are half-true, worst many are lies. people have different interpretations on what they see and hear from what’s happening . Remember Mar Roxas is a national govt representative there , he also had orders to follow, its not that simple the way we think and want it to be with regards on how to respond on the Yolanda case. Mar ,was even rumored to be missing during those times, so if it weren’t true that Mar was there! that’s the worst lie,because people have been lying that Mar wasn’t there ,when in fact Mar was there.


  6. Anyone can just say that they were there. Maglokohan nalang kayo. Hindi lang kung ano ang nagawa sa tacloban ang basihan sa pagboboto. Mr. Mar has alot of opportunities to prove himself. I’ve always seen him sa tv since i was in college a kid pero ano ba ang pagbabago na naggawa nya sa Pilipinas? Naramdaman ba ninyo? Kasi ako hindi.

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    1. There are so many things. Here are a few:

      1. He drafted this –

      2. He made cheaper medicines in the country possible –

      3. he fought the drug menace while still following the law –

      4. without politics getting in the way, he’s made it possible for each of the municipalities in the country to have 1 patrol jeep for both law enforcement and disaster preparedness –

      5. he’s modernized the bureau of fire protection with new state-of-the-art firetrucks –

      6. he launched and sustained oplan lambat-sibat –

      7. he’s the father of the BPO industry –


      1. #7- sorry not accepted… Mar cannot claim he was in this BPO.. I can’t say about others….. If we want truth… Truth should All be.

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      2. Prince Valencia, if your only contribution to this discussion is to say “check your facts. that’s not true” after we’ve already shown you the facts, then we will have to part ways. Your child’s reasoning is not welcome here. We strive hard to maintain a discussion that’ll benefit the community rather than resort to chest thumping and proclaiming to the world that “I’m right and you’re wrong.”


  7. Shame on you dudirty!!! Mar is the most qualified presidential candidate. We are praying for his success. God bless our country!


  8. Napakasimpleng tao at mabait si Sir Mar..walang bahid ang record..nakita lng nila ang maliit na pagkkamali ni sir Mar pero yung MALAKING nagawa ni sir Mar ay di nila nakikita. Dito sa amin may mga senior citizens ages 70-76 y.o. are campaigning for MAR/LENI. The old ladies said they dont know and meet MAR ROXAS personally but they are doing it (House to House) to educate the people kung sino at ano talaga ang nagawa ni sir MAR sa bansa..siya ay hindi magnanakaw, sinungaling at basagulero..dahil gusto nya na ang Pilipino ay DISENTE at DISIPLINADO at higit sa lahat hinahangaan ng ibang banyaga at hindi minamaltrato..


  9. Many may not like what am going to say, am not a supporter of any political parties either, it’s just I don’t believe anymore with these politicians promises of changes. If there is, that is us going further down not for the better but getting worst.

    Most politicians are active during their campaigns and elections but after that, where are they? they’re more busy fighting one another in the congress, blaming, busy thinking about their agendas on how to bring down the opposition rather than fixing our countries big problems.

    We are being threatened by some countries and all we can do is cry for help and support, have you guys seen the ship our navy is using to guard our waters? where is the government action for all these years?

    Relief goods for the victims of the typhoon they want it taxed. If so that this guy you are supporting didn’t stole anything as he claim, then why there are still homeless and on his interview he clearly stated “Bahala kayo sa buhay nyo” is that the kind of man you guys wish to lead us and promises that things will be better?

    Ok so not for being bias as I claimed, about Duterte, I saw most of his videos as well, I can say that none of the candidates who are running for election as of the moment is fitting to be sited on that chair.

    If there is, I can say Cayetano, the way he answers shows intelligence than these two clowns. But like I said am not into this Bull***t. I had enough of politics. I don’t even care if they kill each other. We don’t need promises. We need “Action”

    Politics is a dirty game where using people is involved. I just can’t help myself sometimes but shake my head and see how many gullible people still believes in this stupid politics.

    How many funds that is missing every time a party reveals their opponents dirty secrets? It goes around 1 Billion Pesos? then they’ll say there’s not enough funding for our country for the homeless, how many schools and hospitals do we have here in our country? how many places doesn’t even have a light or water supply? No matter what you say or believe, These politicians only have one goal in mind. Fill in their pockets and feed their greed.

    These guys are titled as “Public Servant(s)” yet they sit in a palace that no ordinary citizen can even get close or have a chance to speak with or maybe not even a glimpse is allowed. Why kill each other or ruin one another if these politicians shares the same goal? to serve? to make the country better? yet you hate one another coz you think you can do better? why not support each other instead to make things better? Coz in the future if you are to be seated and lead the country, won’t it be better if it has less problem if you’ll help the one who won the election rather than plot to over throw them so you can sit in it?

    This is the reason why we’re not getting anywhere, just a never ending cycle. yet we people never learn and allow ourselves to be used with their games.

    When will you wake up from the truth and open your mind.

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    1. So true. Thats why my next option if the philippines wont improve is to change my nationality. Filipinos dont deserve the freedom. We are the reasons why we are poor and in this deeps**t. Hopeless country


  10. Kahit ilan ,anong paninira ang gagawin nila kay Mar di mag babago ang aking paniniwala na sya ang karapatdapat n maging presidente … I will stand for Mar Roxas …. You are the best Mar.


  11. Why dont you find the owner of this picture and have her tell the truth and let her speak live on a televise broadcast so everybody would know that duterte supporter making up a story

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  12. So sad nangyayari ang ganito. I am for Duterte pero hindi ako sang-Ayon sa gumawa ng sinasabi nyong kasinungalingang story ng “calvary nurse” it’s unfair for Mar. Nakalulungkot isipin na may supporters na gumagawa nito. I met Mar several years ago noong congressman pa siya and he was cool….Sa supporters ni Duterte na gumawa nito….Tama na…tumulong tayo kay Duterte ng patas at wag gumawa ng propaganda sa katunggali at the expense of others. I am voting for Duterte dahil siya ang choice ko. Good luck sa lahat ng kandidato.


  13. nung una ko nabasa ung isyu na yan galing dun sa nurse from calgary…me mga nde na kapanipaniwala syang sinabe…na nagcomment dw ung head nung canadian team sa kaniya na tingnan mo ung nka blue na un…nkaupo lng dun at nagbibigay ng instruction (mar)kumpara dun sa matandang un na inaasikaso at kinakausap ung mga biktima(duterte) ..magiging magaling na lider yan pag dating ng panahon ..tanong, sa isang disaster na tulad ng yolanda na ala ng order, magulo, alang fud, nagkalat ng mga patay,,,magagawa mo pa bang magcomment ng ganun at mappansin mpa ba ung ginagawa ng mga tao..isa pa, sa pagkakaalam ko s mga puti, d nila ugali yung magsasabi ng kung anuanu habang nasa gitna ng ang matindi, pulitikang pulitika ung sinabe..nkakaa wow..bute nlng at me mga taong ngmalasakit para itama ito.go go go mar- leni


  14. I believe in Mar’s sacrifices. I was following the news day by day, hour by hour, and marvelled at Mar’s sincere desire to help the disaster victims. No amount of black propaganda will bring an honest man down. Mar and Leni will make the difference – no other but Mar and Leni for 2016!



    I don’t care about the perception of some people about Korina… but I am for Roxas.. (because he’s not Marcos who allowed his greedy Imelda to ruin the country).. because I strongly believe that he’s the right person irrespective of what criticisms thrown at him… but if ever, Duterte, Poe or Binay wins…. ALL I CAN SAY IS GOOD LUCK TO PHILIPPINES….I hope all the efforts done by Aquino won’t go down the drain…. THAT’S MY OPINION… I am for RORO (Roxas – Robredo)… but it’s a free country, so may the best person wins…… If Duterte wins, the main winner will be the Vice President… I am sure of that…. because he will either succumb to reality of running a country (NOT A CITY) and his health (which will surely affect him in 6 years period) because he can never fulfill all his promises because the rule of law will prevail (Constitutions) and not his cowboy style. I guarantee that the Congress dominated by opposing parties will frustrate him. He’s an egoistic person, and all the constraints he will encounter in running the country will affect him physically and emotionally.. The ambitious and neophyte Poe is going to be run by her backers (especially the Cojuancos and Escudero), Binay will forever be greedy…. Miriam will not win at all….Sadly, neither of the two Vice Presidents front runners (Escudero and Marcos) are good substitute to run the country…. because of their own selfish personal iinterest. I still returning to Philippines as often as I could… May God Bless us all.


    1. I also have the same view…”main winner will be the Vice President’……Duterte would simply meltdown with the political stress, constitutional restraints, public clamor by the self proclaimed righteous groups……Same with Poe’ meltdown with political stress , public clamor by the self proclaimed righteous/constitutional groups…….Binay greediness , impeachment..Defensor is a no win….Roxas on the verge of losing it….///// simply reasons why previous headstart names relegated themselves with the VP race….Silent Chiz who previously have a number of commentaries on almost every issue…the ever smiling Cayetano buying his time for the limelight….Trillanes busting expose ready to blast-out if he wins…lament for Gringo being dragged by political alliance…and Leni predicament of being a plain lady taken to task by political idolatry.


  16. i am also a nurse (RN) here in canada but never heard of this call for nurses to volunteer during typhoon Yolanda, otherwise i will volunteer too. i say this is a HOAX. i challenge this lady to come out so we can tell people the truth. i am challenging you face to face to straighten out the facts and if you are telling the truth you will accept my challenge and show your face hehehe


  17. To the one who posted this, even tho one of Duterte’s supporter (or he may not even be one) made a story for “bobotantes” like you to think twice and step out a bit of your narrow mind. It should never be a discrediting factor to Duterte as it was never his claim or any of his official political party’s.

    Although you falsify the post by posting the article of where the photo was taken, I do not believe the story you stated after because it is also full of flaws.

    To Duterte’s supporters, pinapasama nyo si mayor Duterte sa mga pagpo-post nyo ng mga story na iniimbento nyo. Eto tuloy mga alagad ni Mar nakakagawa ng mga claims.

    – from someone who wants real change

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  18. Mar and Leni are the only candidates which has all the qualifications, unlike the others which are just using the election for their own interest. Truly it is right to bring back decensy to Fiipinos. Not the bullyish or dictator style of leadership duterte wants… By the way why is it duterte always claiming doing this or that in the while davao province while in fact it is davao city he’s only governing. Davao city is just a fraction of davao province, it is clearly that duterte is claiming yet another fairytale story… Please wake up to the truth…


  19. bago kayu humiusga sa isang tao .. magtanung at pumunta kayu sa davao kung anong unang ginawa ni du30 sa panahun nya at alam nyu po ba ngayun na sya lang ang nakagawa nyan sa loob at sa lahat dito sa pilipinas…..
    yung hindi bumoto kay du30 mga reppis at draglord kayu….

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  20. I’m a Duterte supporter, but i’m not here to bash you (the writer). As a matter of fact, i am here to commend you for not trash-talking the Mayor or his supporters, but educating all of us instead on what actually happened based on the account of volunteers you know, and also calling for the halt of posting fabricated stories to put one candidate in a bad light.

    We may not be supporting the same person, but you just earned my respect, sir.

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  21. regardless if the Calgary Nurse story is true im still rooting for Duterte.. Mar know what has to be done. upon watching 2 debates already i can say he has substance. however he was given an opportunity to show leadership during Yolanda and i think it was managed quite poorly. i believe we were all in shock even Mar i trust, but admitting to lack of peoper preparation and thinking of other plans to improve immediate response would have been better than to blame the victims themselves and or try to defend all efforts that were either failing or just too slow.
    Mayor Duterte also went to Tacloban and after that he was interviewed and gave his thoughts, he even gave suggestions which i personally think would have been better at that time. however his power and capacity to help can only go so far. he said so himself that it was only is personal suggestion, and he didn’t mean to supersede anyone.
    i personally think that Duterte will be able to lead us better. all other candidates have good intentions i believe but what we need right now is someone decisive and firm. i think Duterte is that kind of leader. and i hope all of the presidentiables would help each other through suggestions regardless who would win. (if only such a world and way of thinking exists)

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  22. Just sayin. SG resorted to death penalties before to fix the problem of crime and corruption. That country went through alot before it became what it is now. Most of it had to do with discipline.

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  23. Whatever the truth regarding the said FB post, I still want #DU30 to win. If Mar really is a good leader how come wala man lang akong makitang FB post sa mga magandang ginawa niya para sa bansa, I mean kung meron man huh.


    1. Your comment just proves that duturd is the ‘tamad’ choice..
      And just a tip.. not all things posted in facebook are true.. and if things are not posted in fb it doesn’t mean it dod not happen.

      Ask yourself what happens when someone posts something positive about candidates other than duturd in fb?


  24. As for discipline being the key to Singapore’s rise, history nazi’s view of history is like that of the nazis..

    Reread your history of Singapore, compare it to Hong Kong’s and even China’s during the 70’s. And even to how the BPO industry came into prominemce here.

    It is the openning of the economy to foreign investors that brought about development.

    Foreign investors oveelook pinas primarily because of the constitutional limitations on ownership.

    Security is an issue, but not because of the illegal drugs nor the crimes, but because of a government that lacks continuity and consistency in its policies. If you do not think this is relevant i ask you how many political parties have ruled Singapore from 1970 to the present?

    Finally, it is the strict enforcement of the law that brought order in Singapore, not the unilateral actions of a single tyrant.


  25. May i know who is the source of this story? Did this come from a yolanda survivor? Because i was there 3rd day after typhoon and i can tell you those restaurants youve mentioned above were STILL CLOSE. I came back a few weeks after and it was on its soft opening….tsk.


    1. The restaurants were closed. This is true. Does this change the story? No. The volunteers and the store owners worked together to get it done.


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