I like Mar… but not his wife!

This was one reply to the issue:

I am very “permissive” or “supportive” when it comes to whom one chooses to love and/or marry. I try to make no judgments because I must respect the chemistry that is unique to lovers and the choices people make, the way I want my choices respected.

Which brings me to the way Korina Sanchez has been turned into an issue against Mar Roxas. “Mar is okay,” people say, “but I do not like his wife.” My retort always is, “So you prefer Elenita Binay?” Then they laugh and say, “No.” Sometimes I add, “Which of Duterte’s mistresses do you want in Malacanan?” or “Would you rather the American, Mr. Llamanzares, the one who says he will become Filipino only if his wife wins, be the First Gentleman?”

I am not a fan of Korina Sanchez, but whoever a man loves, he loves. And he should not be made to hide her. His campaigners should not allow themselves to be neutralized by Mar’s opponents for Korina Sanchez has more pluses with the CDEFG crowd than minuses. It’s only the AB who are eyeewed by her but the decent people will vote anyway for the Roxas-Robredo tandem.

And I think it would only be fair if we compared candidates with other candidates and spouses/companions with other spouses/companions. Korina is not running against Poe, Duterte and Binay. She is “running” against Elenita, Duterte’s mistresses, Llamanzares, and compared to them she is far more acceptable to people like me.

I am thinking it is time we set our thoughts aright as far as this matter is concerned.

Ricky Lo, in his Philstar column, gathered many personal testimonials about Mar’s wife, Korina Sanchez-Roxas. Some of them are reproduced below:

Hindi ako pinapabayaan lalo sa pangangailangan ko ngayon. Pang habang buhay yung mga gamot ko. Nagsilbi ako sa pamilya Sanchez ng buong buhay ko, mahigit 40 years ako sa kanila. Parang pamilya ang trato nila sa akin. Ang tawag nila sa akin “Nanay.” – Nanay Fe Mazo, 40 years kasambahay of Sanchez Family

Si Ate Koring ay totoong tao. Very supportive siya sa TV Patrol assignments ko. At Ang paalala niya sa akin — ‘wag kalimutanang mag pilikmata! Thanks, Ateng! – Bernadette Sembrano, Anchor TV Patrol

That she’s driven is true. That she is obsessed with excellence is true. That she is impervious is true. That rest is either myth or urban legend. Korina Sanchez is inarguably a formidable force both as a person and as a professional — and some make a fuss about it because she’s a woman and she does it her way. – Boy Abunda, ABS-CBN colleague and friend

Read all of them here.

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