In Defense of the Yolanda Comicbook

Did the Yolanda comic book come from Mar’s official campaign?


Is it accurate?


Who says it isn’t?

According to Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez, who has admitted to not having even read it, the comic book is “fiction.”

According to the camp of Mayor Duterte, it was “comical, pure fantasy.

According to VP Jojo Binay, who only visited Tacloban City after the storm for a photo op, the comic book was “shameful”, Mar was a “braggart” because he claimed to be a hero.

According to a columnist for the Manila Times, who once delusionally claimed that the official Mar Roxas website imitated her managed project:

I don’t know where the gall and temerity, the kabastusan of this matuwid-na-daan comes from, but apparently none of the things we know about Typhoon Haiyan, none of the stories of those who survived, none of the reports that talked about the inefficiency and insensitivity and lack of compassion of this government, none of that matters.

Because now Mar Roxas is a hero in his own comics, which is so obviously about the strongest storm to ever make landfall, and so obviously NOT about how he and his government messed up rescue, relief, and rehabilitation efforts in Samar and Leyte.
Ito na marahil ang pinaka-nakakasulasok sa lahat ng nakita kong lumabas sa eleksyon na ito.

Galit na galit kayo kay Bongbong, eh kayo rin naman ang hilig ninyong mag-rewrite ng history.

What are the facts?

  1. This was a volunteer effort.
  2. Mar has gone on record, however, to say that it is accurate.
  3. Mar has thanked his supporters for this initiative.
  4. Though the illustrator of the comic book is supportive of presidential candidate Rody Duterte, he has lashed out against those who ‘took creative license’ with his work to bash Mar.


Charlie Agatep, a supporter, weighs in on the issue:


What is this, censorship and curtailment of the freedom of speech?

The comic book is 200% accurate. If you find inaccuracies, pls come out and cite them and not condemn Mar’s supporters .

Because some guys couldn’t stop telling lies about Mar, his friends had to start telling truths about them. Through the comic book.

About time people realize this was a defining moment of DILG Sec Mar, a shameful lack of cooperation by the local Govt units, and a grandiose time for the Epals to take credit.

This was a local community disaster. Under the Local Govt Code of 1991, the local officials are mandated full supervision and control of the disaster recovery operations. But no, the political opportunists had to blame Mar for their own lackluster performance.

Take the testimony of Rep Lucy Torres. She said the aid given out thru Dinky and Mar to the Mayor’s and barangay captains were given out slowly and selectively to specific persons from a voters’ list. my Guiay, as Emil Jurado would say.

Typhoon Katrina in the USA will take 10 years towards full recovery. We are not even in the 3rd year of Yolanda.

Anderson Cooper, a visiting American broadcast journalist, was terribly unfair and without compassion when he said , how come the airport was not yet cleared on the 5th day.

Poor Mayor Romualdez and his dazed local officials could not be expected to bury 6,000 dead in 5 days, and you blame Mar Roxas for this? And you had to splice a 45 mins video, put a 15 secs sentence out of context and say Mar said bahala Kayo Sa Buhay nyo?

This to me is absolute treachery.

I don’t know Mar Roxas personally. I have suggested that his fault was to keep quiet when guys were telling ruthless lies about him. He should have started telling ruthless truths about them.

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