Debunked! “Photoshopped” image of La Union sortie

By now we know that anti-Mar camps are proficient at inventing lies. There is the “Calgary nurse” story, the “deserted” Hong Kong rally story—not to mention other baseless memes circulating on Facebook.

Clearly, Photoshopped pictures are the mark of Duterte’s supporters, not Mar’s.

Ironically, the Roxas camp is now being accused of Photoshopping a sortie image from Bangar, La Union. Trolls are using this low-resolution version to assert their claim:

Bangar lowres.jpg

This has been refuted many times.

Cong. Barry Gutierrez has issued this statement:

Walang katotohanan na in-edit ang picture ni Mar sa Bangar, La Union. Malinaw mula sa live-tweeting mula sa @roxasrobredo na marami talagang tao sa sortie na ‘yun.

Di tulad ng iba, hindi namin ugali ang mangumbinse ng botante sa pamemeke. Welcome silang pumunta sa mga sortie namin para makita ng kanilang mata ang katotohanan.

This is the high-resolution image:

Bangar highres.jpg

Cocoy Dayao has written a detailed post on this, containing photos taken from other angles.

The official Mar Roxas Facebook page has also uploaded a video of the sortie, providing further proof of Mar’s intensely warm reception in Bangar.

Duterte’s fans have no respect for truth and decency. Their antics are reflective of their idol’s twisted principles and the kind of leadership he embodies.

Kahit sa gitna ng kampanya, hindi dapat ganyan.

Huwag bastos. Disente tayo.

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