“I’m for Leni not for Mar”

Leni Robredo is running for Vice-President. Her getting elected is only half the battle. A Vice-President is nothing without a supportive President. So the question we need to ask is simple. Who will support Leni the most? Who will make her shine?

Is it VP Binay? Unlikely.

Considering the shady company that VP Binay keeps and the incorruptible nature of Leni, chances are high that she’ll end up a spare tire.

Is it Senator Poe? Again, unlikely.

First, Leni opposes a presidency of convenience:

“Palagay ko hindi natin deserve and isang presidente na, at one point in her life, tinalikuran tayo.”

Second, a Poe Presidency places Chiz Escudero, Bongbong Marcos, and Danding Cojuangco in the corridors of power. Leni’s place in such a setup would be far from ideal.

Is it Mayor Duterte? Definitely not.

First, Leni Robredo is a human rights lawyer. Mayor Duterte is a human rights violator.

Second, Leni has expressed disdain in supporting strongman rule. Early in the campaign, in response to authoritarian rule in Davao as being necessary to curb crime, she bravely voiced out that:

“We achieved the same results in Naga… ‘yung peace and order, ‘yung discipline among the people… we achieved the same things without that kind of attitude [of strongman rule]. I don’t subscribe to that kind of leadership”

When Mayor Duterte heard this, his reaction was simple:

“Eh di patas lang kami. She doesn’t like me. I don’t like her.”

In what is turning out to be typical Duterte behavior, he has since backtracked on the statement. This is probably after assessing Leni’s meteoric rise in the surveys. Now his position is that he would make Leni an “Assistant President.”

Third, can we really expect a Robredo law-abiding vice-presidency to shine in the midst of a bloodthirsty, womanizing autocrat who will break the rules when it suits him?

Mar Leni laban sign in Capiz 020916

We could stop there and say that, by process of elimination, it has to be Mar. But we won’t because this is not the end of the story.

The most convincing reason for a Leni supporter to support Mar as President is clear for everyone to see: Leni herself chose Mar. The second most convincing reason, closely related to the first: Leni’s daughters chose Mar. The third most convincing reason? They have a concrete plan to make this country better. Not promises, pulled out of the air to please the listener, but a believable plan to make these things happen.

What does this all tell us?

If Leni believes that her best chance at serving the country is with a Mar presidency, why deny her?

Let’s not make her win just so she can stumble.

Let’s make her win in an environment that does her and the country the most good: a Roxas presidency.

Besides the reasons above, this is the only scenario which provides a fighting chance for Leni Robredo to become President in 2022.

Men and women smarter than us have, more eloquently, expressed the same opinion:

23 thoughts on ““I’m for Leni not for Mar””

  1. Remember without good partnership is not good for the family. I compare the two as the head of our family as a father and mother and they are the head of our country, to maintain good communication to our government. And I know the power of the two is in us the citizens of the country no monetary power can bit the power of the people.


    1. her wits bespeak of her wisdom that is why she accepted as running mate of roxas, walang chief talk, walang impossible promises


  2. I can only say that only Sec. Mar and Cong. Leni are the most qualified for the two high positions 🙂 .Why ? Because among all the candidates for the mentioned positions , they are the only ones knowledgeable to run this country , not on a micro level , at the same time , you can see good values on how they deliver their messages .. Some of the people may say Sec. Mar is slow as a turtle and can’t decide for himself , maybe it’s true but don’t you realize that he is just analyzing everything before implementing such for being an analytical person . And besides , he is a team player that’s why he wants to involve everyone . Further , In the international scene , who do you think can represent our country most ? It’s only Sec . Mar ! 🙂 With his pleasing personality and good looks 🙂 .. Did you know that ? Sec. Mar always asked by our former Presidents to represent them in the international Arena .. 🙂
    For Cong. Leni, she is an action person ! .. During the last debate , they were asked what they will do to address a certain issue, all of them said “we will do this , do that , Blah Blah Blah ” but only Sec . LEni said “I already made a bill for all the proposed actions all my colleagues mentioned ”
    Cong. LEni also displaying a character of a Good Mother who Is always there for her children , which translates to a Leader who is ready to hand hold everyone to a better life ! 🙂

    I’m truly encouraging everyone to think 110times before you cast your vote … Think of your family and loved ones ‘coz they are the ones who will be affected on whatever results will be after May 9 …

    God Bless us all and the Philippines !!! 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Do you really think Duterte will take her seriously if they both win? He is a one-man show. Do you really believe that he would listen to her? He will not give her anything substantial to do as he would be threatened by her popularity. Besides, he would find her a hindrance to his “cutting corners” (extra-judicial) ways.


    1. Hi! I hope you will consider voting for Mar. First of all,if not for Mar, I don’t think she would be running as VP.Second, don’t you think it will be so uncomfortable for Leni to work with someone whom she doesn’t share the same values with?


  3. I would like to comment statement, “leni herself choose mar”, i think pnoy and mar choose leni, but as the campaign went through, its leni who showed up, and now her tandem should be save.


    1. Miriam and Leni, indeed.
      I wrote their names in a mock poll last December, and will write their names again in the actual elections this May 🙂


  4. There are 5 candidates for presidency. If you’re going to list all the possible presidents that you could match with Leni and comment on them, shouldn’t Miriam be there as well?


  5. Apparently Leni is more endearing to the voters than Mar. With her very simple lifestyle and dedication to her work, she’s the ideal leader this country needs. She inspires love, so much love actually because its her nature – Public service. I can’t say the same for Mar.


  6. Regarding sa last part ng article, malinaw po na sinabi ni Leni Robredo na hindi dapat magaspire ang vice president sa pagiging president.


  7. Kung gusto ninyong manalo si Mar at Leni !!! TAGALUGIN ninyo ang mga sinsabi ninyong kumento at ang mga kwento ng kanilang plataporma, hindi lahat ng nagbabasa ay nakakaintindi ng mga salita ninyong ENGLISH !!! ay naiintindihan, Paki-usap ipaintindi ninyo sa lahat ng tao mahirap man o mayaman, ay may iisang salita tayo gingamit ng sa gunun ay maintindihan ng lahat ng tao ang kanilang mabuting adhikain sa ating Bansa !!! nakakahiya tayo sa ating sariling tubong sinilangan ! Naway patnubayan tayo ng Diyos sa darating ng Halalan sa Mayo 9, 2016 !!! Mabuhay ang Pilipino!!! Mabuhay ang bansang Pilipinas!!! LENI ROBREDO para Bise Presidente at MAR ROXAS para Presidente!!! Ang mamatay ng dahil sayo !!! Pilipinas kong mahal !!!


  8. Yes there’s no doubt about it! Its Mar is it! BUT he should shift gear into a drive that will make him a hit in the hoi poloi crowd! He is not able to touch base with them! His handlers should go back to the drawing board before its TOO LATE and retool their strategies! BUT please dont do a Duterte, Binay or Poe! REMEMBER masa vote is about 70% of the whole voting population!…


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