PH blacklisted for French foreign aid daw?

It’s three years old, but this false “news” has been rearing its ugly head again.

PH blacklisted.jpeg


This has been clarified as early as May 2013, when then-DFA Secretary Albert del Rosario gave this response to the issue:

“I have sought clarification with the French government and have been officially advised that this information is totally inaccurate.”

“We have in fact been informed that there is a new list and this list does not include the Philippines.”

He added that the mistake apparently arose from erroneous statements made by a French civil servant.

How can the Philippines have been blacklisted for lack of transparency in foreign aid, when only one week after Typhoon Yolanda, our government launched the FAiTH website precisely for this purpose?

European Union (EU) Ambassador to the Philippines Guy Ledoux himself has stated, with regard to the use of EU aid in the Philippines:

“We have not identified problems in the management of EU funds.”

“In case there is a problem we look into that very carefully but we do regular auditing of all our projects.”

“You notice you have not heard about any problems in the two years I have been here regarding development.”

We have a more comprehensive post regarding the Yolanda funds here.

Trolls love citing the aftermath of Yolanda as “evidence” of Mar’s supposed incompetence—but that cannot be further from the truth. The fact is, Mar was there before, during, and after the typhoon. He directed and organized relief efforts at a time when electricity was down, food was scarce, and roads were impassable.

In the storm’s immediate aftermath, the whole nation united in sympathy for our affected countrymen. Sadly, it did not take long for Mar’s enemies to use the tragedy for black propaganda. The extent of their lies is baffling.

To counter this, many people have since come out and shared personal stories of Mar’s role during the Yolanda relief operations.

Wag tayo magpadala sa kasinungalingan. Read and be informed.

One thought on “PH blacklisted for French foreign aid daw?”

  1. The trolls are using this as evidence that the Yolanda funds were mishandled. The erroneous report was published May 2013, and Yolanda happened Nov 2013!!!


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