Fact check: Did Mar help Jalosjos get a lighter jail sentence?

The allegation:

Jalosjos meme

Did Mar really do this?

Short answer: no.

Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte has written a post clarifying this issue.

Here are the facts. Although Mar was a senator during GMA’s term, he was a member of the Opposition. In fact, he had stopped receiving PDAF as early as the latter half of 2005, when the LP withdrew its support from GMA. Guess what: Jalosjos’ sentence was commuted in 2007. From that position, as a critic of her administration, how could Mar have asked GMA for favors?

Mar himself has spoken about this, making a reference to former BuCor Director Ricardo Dapat:

“Siguro ang dapat magpaliwanag diyan ay si Administrator Dapat, na dapat siyang magpaliwanag sa kung anong mga policies ang ginagamit niya o ginagawa niya. Nang sa gayon, malinaw: first in-first out ba ito, last in-first out, lahat ba ng 70 na pare-parehas ang circumstances ay na-proseso na o hindi? Matagal nang tinatanong iyan ni Senador Noynoy Aquino, at sinusuportahan ko siya riyan sa advocacy na yan.”

So who pulled the necessary strings?

In December 2007, GMA News reported:

“A sister and a brother of Jalosjos are KAMPI partymates of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who approved the commutation of Jalosjos’s double life sentence supposedly because of old age and unspecified illness.”

“A sister, Cecilia Jalosjos-Carreon, is the current congresswoman of the first district where Jalosjos used to serve until his conviction. A brother, Cesar, is the congressman of the third district. Both siblings belong to the KAMPI party of Mrs Arroyo.”

If Mar really had a hand in Jalosjos’ early release, don’t you think he would be endorsing Mar right now? But no.

Jalosjos previously supported Binay. From Zamboanga Today:

“Este cosa el administion ta ase ara contra na UNA claro kay ta man positioning ya si Mar Roxas para na 2016 presidential elections. But it is clear Binay will beat Roxas again,” Jalosjos said.

He has apparently since switched sides:

“In my province, we are declaring the tandem of Chiz and Grace,” said Jalosjos.

Jalosjos Poe

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