Top 10 Tatak-Mar Roxas Projects in DOTC you must know!

We’re about to bust the myth that some people spread on social media. Let’s end all acts of crab mentality and see the top ten projects that Mar Roxas initiated when he was Transportation Secretary (2012):


Yup! Roxas pioneered the Air Passenger Bill of Rights to protect travelers from ‘abusive’ practices by local and domestic airlines before which included overbooking, cancelled and delayed flights, lost luggage and misleading advertisements on fares. Thanks to Mar, we are the bossnot the airline company 😉



In 2012, Roxas was a bit excited to give the Filipinos a taste of the future. He imagined seamless transfers in LRT lines 1 and 2 and in MRT line 3. Thus came the Beep Card or our personal transportation smart card! This card is very flexible and DOTC now has plans to expand its use to bus transits and in toll gates. That’s like tap and go wherever you want to go.




Have you seen guideways and viaducts being constructed in Marcos Highway? Soon, your trip to Antipolo is just one train away!




MRT is one of the most useful public transportation we had in ages. When Roxas was Transport Secretary, he submitted proposal and secured NEDA Board approval in September 2012 for the acquisition of 48 new light rail vehicles (LRVs) costing P3.7B. We’ve seen the prototype hit the rails in August 2015 and the remaining LRVs will be completely delivered this year. You could’ve spotted the new trains on test runs on your way to work today!




Remember the time we were ashamed of having the ‘worst airport in the world’? Behind the scene was Roxas holding meetings as early as 7AM and checked for updates as late as 10PM to nail the renovation of NAIA Terminal 1. Results?



naia1                                           This is not the world’s worst airport anymore!

Aside from the renovation and full operation of all terminals of NAIA, there are 17 other airport projects ongoing around the country.  The big new ones are located in Laguindingan, Mactan, Puerto and Bohol.

Roxas also started night rating of several provincial airports to decongest the volume of morning flights, decreasing the number of delayed flights. Butuan airport is now capable of night flights!

In terms of security, Roxas mandated the addition of airport screening equipment and immediate replacement of broken facilities. Through this, 46 walk-through detectors, 300 units of hand-held metal detectors, and 46 TSA qualified baggage detectors were distributed nationwide. You’re sure about travelling safe, every time you fly.


Under Roxas’ watch, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) implemented reforms to address the safety concerns of International Regulatory bodies. Yep. It’s true that Roxas is a policy-kind-of-guy. But come’on! His policies led to the lifting of the EU ban on Philippine carriers! Also, PH International Airports are tagged under Category 1, highest by the US Federal Aviation Administration!



Like seafarers who risk their lives aboard vessels in the open sea, Daang Matuwid leads the country towards the safe harbor of a peaceful, prosperous, and progressive life. 

It was 2012 when the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), an agency of the European Union, conducted a performance audit and threatened to submit an unfavorable recommendation to the European Commission on the Philippines’ compliance with the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STWC).

Roxas resolved the issue with the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) by directing it to oversee the implementation of the 1987 International Convention on the STWC. This convinced the EMSA to defer its submission of its unfavorable recommendation to the EU.

Roxas saved 80,000 Filipino Maritime Workers aboard EU vessels at that time, not to mention 400,000 seafarers globally who might have been affected by an adverse EU ruling. Roxas also saved the Maritime Industry!


In Roxas’ 13-month stint in DOTC, he also managed the procurement of disaster response equipment of the Philippine Coast Guard, which is being used both in coastal operations and in flood-rescue. A total of 300 aluminum hull shaped boats and 50 rubber boats were distributed to flood-prone areas nationwide. By 2018, we’ll be fully equipped with Japan-made MRRVs. These vessels will surely drive those who bully our fishermen in our territorial waters.

For more information, click here.


Yes. Mar Roxas disallowed fishing boats and small vessels from sailing when storm signal number one is raised in an area by PAGASA. Travelling by sea is safer now, because the operators are more careful. Plus, this policy definitely saved the lives of many hardworking fishermen. Kudos!


Through the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) done under the guidance of the Aquino Administration, there were plans to to construct 2 roads parallel to EDSA in order to ease traffic in Manila.

It was never easy to do big projects like this. The administration encountered several problems. On his part, Roxas convinced two companies namely the Manny V. Pangilinan (MVP) Group  and the Ramon S. Ang’s San Miguel Corp. (RSA-SMC) to set aside their differences in order to accomplish both projects.

Now, the Skyway Stage 3 (RSA-SMC) and the NLEX-SLEX Connector (MVP)  are being constructed. Once completed, we will no longer curse poor EDSA because of traffic.

With all of that, who says Mar Roxas isn’t presidential? Who says he is incompetent? We hope that you’re enlightened of the achievements of a silent worker like Mar Roxas.

In the coming days before the election, think of the man who proudly did something useful and right even without the camera flashing before him.

Think of him and you will see the man you’ve been waiting for to be our next president.

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12 thoughts on “Top 10 Tatak-Mar Roxas Projects in DOTC you must know!”

  1. sana mabanggit nya ang mga ito sa. president debate naniniwala ako na matino syang tao kumpara sa mga kalaban nya most of my family solid mar / len since ninoy aquino was my father accompany him in acienda luisita as a body guard


    1. WHAT YOLANDA DONATIONS???? Do you have proof that Mar Roxas personally received all those “donations”? FYI any foreign “cash” donations are coursed thru the National Treasury and not thru a person!


  2. I prefer good service than modern renovation or innovation+corruption.. Why make something look good and not efficient.. I rather ride a train with no paint, has a working aircon, runs smoothly and arrives on time..than something or somewhere that looks expectacular but disappoints you when it comes to their service.. Ironic, expensive, rubbish. We innovate and build things to make it easy. Not otherwise. Is there a law that says laws should be implemented


  3. Puro manila lang yan?!Papano naman ang nasa probinsya???E di kawawa nanaman?Pangkalahatan kase isipin mo bago ka mag encourage na mag switch kay Mar.Kahit na lng ma resolve nya peace and order sa Mindanao.Yun na lang.Iboboto ko sya


    1. Sir, if you would reread what was written there are several ongoing airport projects in the provinces like in Mactan and Bohol among others. The construction of connector highways in NLEX and SLEX will benefit our kababayans in the northern and southern luzon provinces. The air passenger bill of rights benefits lahat ng sumasakay ng eroplano, and EO#75 benefits all our seafarers… so to be fair with mr. Roxas I think it is right to say na hindi lang naman lahat ng nagawa nya e sa maynila lang ang pakinabang. 😊


    2. Sir basahin nyo po ulit at lahat ng ginawa nya para rin sa buong bansa yun. Domino effect. Better Capital City mas maganda serbisyo papunta sa probinsya tulad ng slex-nlex connector, coast guard, safe ang mga dagat because of policies. Sana huwag nyo lang basahin ang gusto nyong makita.
      eh yung isang kandidato davao o kaya makati palang naman ang pinagmamalaki nila.


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