Credit-grabbing daw? Mar’s true role in the BPO industry

As the elections draw closer, the black propaganda operations against Mar continue. Most recently, his enemies and their trolls have tried to dispute his track record and undermine his accomplishments.

Some examples:

BPO meme

So ano ba talaga? Tingnan natin yung facts, then you can decide for yourself.

1. Mar is very knowledgeable about the BPO industry. In fact, he’s often invited to speak during BPO events. The way he talks shows his level of involvement.

2. President Aquino himself has hailed Mar as the Father of the BPO industry. Note that Mar did not personally take on this moniker; it was attributed to him by insiders.

3. Many people have written about Mar’s role in the BPO industryJanette ToralJoe AmericaFrank HilarioGemma Cruz AranetaBoo Chanco, etc.

4. If you still don’t want to believe “hearsay,” read up on the BPO industry’s history. Contrary to Oscar Sañez’s claims, Mar’s nearly four-year tenure as DTI Secretary produced many results. In partnership with the private sector and other government agencies, he pushed for the creation of institutions that became instrumental to the industry’s growth. Here is a brief timeline:

April 2000: formulation of the first comprehensive roadmap for the industry; approval of amendments to PEZA guidelines, granting special economic zone status to buildings (and floors) used for IT

May 2000: formal inclusion of IT and E-Commerce in the 2000 Investment Priorities Plan

July 2000: formulation and signing of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of R.A. 8792, the Electronic Commerce Act; signing of E.O. 264, merging disparate government councils and efforts into one public-private IT and E-Commerce Council (ITECC); launch of the global “Make IT Philippines” campaign

February 2001: first E-Services Philippines Outsourcing Conference and Exhibition

September 2002: in-depth assessment by Gartner Research and Advisory Services, identifying the country’s potential as a contender for the IT service market within the next 5 years

September 2003: initial DTI-industry-academe partnership to create special elective courses for the call center industry

December 2003: launch of Cebu as a new IT hub, the first outside Metro Manila

5. You can also listen to the testimonials of people like Marvin Rodriguez, who works as assistant vice president for a BPO firm.

“Secretary Mar, it may have taken me 13 years to say this, so here goes: Maraming, maraming, maraming salamat po.”

“Kung hindi po dahil sa inyo, walang BPO industry na nagbibigay ng maraming benipisyo, at patuloy na magbibigay ng maraming benepisyo sa halos isang milyong empleyado kasama na ang kanilang mga pamilya.”

6. Since this black propaganda started, more and more people have been coming out in support of Mar.

Among the people in this photo (as identified in the comments section):

Marife Zamora – Chairman of Convergys Philippines; Ayhee Campos – Country Manager of Infosys; Vicky Agorilla – GM of Lenovo Asia; Jajo Quintos – Country Head of IBM Daksh at one point, etc.; Fred Ayala – CEO LiveIt Solutions; Agnes Gervacio – Country Manager of NEC; Bong Borja – Founder of People Support, Country Head of Aegis, and now President of EGS; Jomari Mercado – President of IBPAP; Cristina Concepcion – President of BPO Int’l; Evelyn Suaco Abat – Country Head of Miramed Phils LLC; Nini Octaviano – President of Dataflow

Convinced? You can find many other similar stories online.

Now let’s look at these detractors. Oscar Sañez never said that Mar isn’t the Father of the BPO Industry. He has nothing against Mar personally, but his current affiliations shed light on why he maintains this position.

From Cocoy Dayao:

“Mar Roxas was trade secretary in January 2000 under Erap (he resigned). After EDSA 2, Mar Roxas returned under the cabinet of PGMA and ended his term in 2003.”

“Mr. Sañez entered the scene in 2007. So not a pioneer. He entered it during the 4th phase of BPAP—the industry association that worked with Mar when he was DTI chief so the industry would have a voice.”

“Who does he work for today? SMC. Who does SMC support?”

Poe, that’s who. She even borrows their planes for her sorties.

Antonette Marcella casts the same doubt on Sañez, writing:

“Si Oca ay naatasang maging puno ng BPAP nuong 2007 – eh – phase 4 na po iyon ng plano. Ang BPAP ay ang assosasyon ng industriya na kasama sa plano na iniwan ni MAR sa DTI – para magkaroon [ng] boses ang industriya para makipagusap sa gobyerno tungkol sa mga issue nila – which likewise guided the legislation pushed for the industry when he was in the senate. Ito ay nuong panahon na putok na ang industriya at nagbunga na ang hirap ng DTI Team na inumpisahan at ginabayan ni Mar.”

“So baka maitanong mo lang nasaan na si Oca Sanez – ngayon.”

“Siya po ay tao ni DANDING COJUANGCO at RAMON ANG sa San Miguel.”

Ano na? Would you still rather trust a single Facebook post or meme?


18 thoughts on “Credit-grabbing daw? Mar’s true role in the BPO industry”

  1. Nkakalungkot LNG pong isipin na ung mga kababayan natin na Hindi alam ang tunay na mga pangyayari ay napapaniwala ng mga naninira ky sir mar,bkit po ayaw nating hayaang malaman ng lahat ang katotohanan,mai-angat LNG ang candidate nila,kelangan siraan ang kalaban,hay naku,,may our Lord bless us and guide us in choosing our future leaders,,,#tuwid na daan,


    1. Call center-BPO companies were in existence even before the year 2000 but there was no plan to make it a real thriving industry until after Mar entered the picture. He was the one who conceptualized and executed the plan to lure more investors, provide more incentives, and generate more jobs in order to make the industry what it is today.


  2. If Mar Roxas has done really all of these improvements and implementations , and if he is really being supported by the Aquino administration. My question is that how come we are only hearing this testimonials now?
    A show on the president’s progress on all his projects plus the recognition of the people behind those projects.
    If those things were done, I don’t think LP would need to even do a nationwide. Campaign…


    1. It think it’s because Mar himself is not fond of ” pagbubuhat ng sariling bangko.” Even Pnoy said so. He has to learn this the hard way when he had to camapign for Presidency.
      It is true that Mar was instrumental to the success of the BPO industry. How do I know that? I have witnessed his valuable and admirable efforts in collaborating and supporting the BPO industry from its nascent stage until it has reached its exponential growth. I worked with one of the BPO companies from 2004 -2012. My boss is in one of the videos in this article entitled “the Mar I know.” his name is Bong Borja, Mr. Borja was also the Chairman of the BPO association for 5 years which started in early 2000. I have witnessed Mar bring foreign investors to the different BPO companies way back in 2004 onwards. He even brought Pres. GMA to our office and to other offices so they would both know first hand how we all operate. He sat in one of the call center agent’s chair for him to have a first hand experience of how it is to be an agent. Yes, he and his team did organize job fairs for the different parts of the country. including the ones for Davao, and yes he participated in the Trade shows here and abroad, and yes, he helped us work out incentives to attract more foreign investments. So Oscar Sanez was never a pioneer of the BPO, The Industry was already named as the “sunshine industry of the country” when he was hired to head the BPO association. Millions of jobs have already been created before Mr. Sanez came in. Also, his participation was short lived.
      It is also important to commend all the executives of the private sectors and their team who worked day and night over the years to bring the industry to where it is now.
      Let the truth be told.


  3. Wow! Thank you for the info. BPO helps a lot in our current economy. God bless all our leaders who have the character, capacity and heart to serve.


  4. Hayyyy… what about jdv role in the bpo diring fvr’s time. Sad nobody seems to remember. So mar didnt really started the ball rolling but he did make a lot of things happen for the industry. But to say that he is the father of BPO in the phils. is quite a stretch. I remember most of the big bpo’s came in during fvr’s time (accenture for one, then name anderson consulting if iremember correctly.) So these are half truths and plain credit grabbing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s simple. There were BPO firms before Mar. But none of them took off until everything else was in place. The video above explains this well. The 5-point plan leading to the roadshow abroad led to more investors, more firms, and more technology being brought to the Philippines. As to credit grabbing, if the BPO CEOs who were there 10 years ago give him credit, why shouldn’t we?


  5. I don’t care if Mar has done nothing or done little to the BPO industry. I still don’t want Duterte to become president, I cannot even imagine that fucky face president wannabe can sustain or prevent from leaving PH if he becomes one.


  6. Whoever created that meme with an alleged quotation from me has a bad motive and should take it down. I never said those words. I believe they have twisted a comment I made in 2014 where I praised Pres GMA for the work she had done to help grow the BPO industry from only 2,400 workers at the start of her term to over half a million workers in 2009. Truly, a worthwhile contribution. But I never made any comparison with any other leadership nor made any mention of Mar or his role in the early years of BPO.

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  7. OK, so the time line shows that the dramatic growth of the BPO industry coincides with Mar’s tenure (That’s what’s said anyway; it’s not clear to me). Now what precisely did he do that significantly contributed to the growth of the BPO industry?


  8. So based on these article, he should again be assigned as head of DTI. How about his accomplishment as a head of DOTC and DILG???


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