Election fraud? Debunked!

In the Philippines:

A congressman himself had the audacity to say that:


But when a COMELEC lawyer investigated:

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.06.03 AM.png



The allegation:

Karen Cabase

The truth:

As RoRo supporters have discovered, Karen Cabase is not even registered as a voter in Jordan. The certified list of overseas voters in Jordan may be accessed on the website of the Philippine embassy in Amman. Here is a screenshot of the relevant page:

Overseas voters

Karen Cabase does not appear anywhere on the list.

Apparently, since having been found out, Karen changed her name on Facebook and deleted her original post. If that’s not a sign of guilt, what is?

3 thoughts on “Election fraud? Debunked!”

  1. Maghari ang kapangyarihan ng panginoon..sa ating lahat..
    Hindi pweding magtagumpay ang masamang ihemplo…lalo na ngaun election…mananaig ang kabutihan……


  2. Sobra naman kayo manira.. matakot kayo sa diyos. Isipin niyo n.a. tayo pa ring mga Filipino ang napapahiya sa buong mundo dahil sa mga maling paratang natin sa ating kapwa.


  3. Sometimes it’s just propaganda created by Duterte himself or his supporters. This way they can get the excuse for the revolution they want if Duterte does not win the election. Duterte supporters are very good in creating these scrnarios that makes Duterte an underdog to get sympathy from easily fooled voters.

    Same case happened sa NPA led riot where farmers were use and exploited to join then NPA’s started a chaos and led to many deaths. Then suddenly a celebrity supporting Duterte arrives with sacks of rice. Oh dear! What a set up! Authorities said these group did not even inform them that they need food or anything. Note that the LGU has excess in funds that in case a group such as this arise they can provide but they juat went to the streets and created chaos! Then easily can blame to the administration they they are lacking. What a set up! Parang si Enrile kung mag trabaho to si Duterte!


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